cinqque5tion with Juno Award Winning Reggae Artist Humble (by: Jovin Tardif)

cinqque5tion with Juno Award Winning Reggae Artist Humble

Juno Award Winning Reggae Artist Humble is back.  Humble is set to release his first self-produced EP in January 2020.  Humble now based in Edmonton Alberta is no stranger to the Music scene, with two studio albums behind him that garnered him a Juno Nomination & win and performing at major music festivals in Toronto, New York, Ottawa Calgary & Japan.  Humble’s style has evolved adding elements of many other genres to his already reggae-influenced style that fuse to form a sound like no other artist. He can command the stage with or without a band and audience members often claim to have goosebumps after listening to a performance. His lyrics are positive and uplifting and his voice is smooth, clear and powerful. He is excited to once again share his music with the world and perform for fans, new and old.  Today, I had the pleasure to interview Humble.

1. Humble, can you tell us about the style of music that you like to perform?

My style is like soul fused reggae, I like to perform acoustically also so that puts me into a folksy soul kinda style. But I’m a reggae artist essentially.

2. Who would you say your influences were in the music industry growing up and why?

Growing up Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, and Peter Tosh we’re main influences, I always had an interest in the revolutionary artists with a mission to fight against a bigger cause but using the power of music to get their point across.

3. Humble, could you describe your experience at the Juno Awards and your reaction when you won an award for your sophomore album entitled ‘Everything’?

The feeling was surreal, it was a memorable moment of achievement, felt honoured that my work was acknowledged by my peers. The first person I called was my mom who told all her friends her son just won a ‘Junior’ award. (Laugh out Loud)

4. Could you tell us a little about your first self-produced EP coming out in January 2020?

Yes, my first self produced project, I spent a year in Edmonton learning music production. I’m excited to see how people accept it and if it can earn me the distinction of ‘producer’ to my name. So more than any other album I’ve released this is surely the most important project for me for that reason.

5. Humble, just for fun. Since you travelled a lot while touring, can you tell us about a memorable moment?

I remember being in Trinidad on a small tour with Demolition Man and I wore army camouflage to the show and police and military surrounded me before my performance backstage causing a scene ..all because military clothing is banned in Trinidad I had to change before my performance.


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