cinqque5tion with Lynz Crichton (by: Jovin Tardif)

Linz Crichton

A request was made to cover musicians. I was approached by a wonderful musician from the UK. Her background is indie-folk and country-pop. Last night, I left a film festival to head over to the airport to travel to the other side of the world to have a conversation with my new friend Lynz Crichton. Actually, I am only kidding. Did I trick you?  Thankfully with the power of technology, we had a great interview online and I wanted to surprise her by writing up her interview this evening so that she can read it in the morning. I hope you enjoy the cinqque5tion with Lynz Crichton.

1. Lynz Crichton, when did you know you wanted to sing? Do you play instruments?

I never really ‘wanted’ to sing, I just sang all. the. TIME! It is part of who I am. I learned to play the violin at school but I never really liked it. Classical music didn’t speak to me at the time and I also found the music I could make with a violin a bit boring…. not anymore, but back then I wanted to play something else. My parents bought me my first guitar with a few lessons and I never looked back!

2. Tell us about how you got into singing? Did you go to a particular school, self-taught?

I have never been formally taught how to sing, and I went to a normal school, so I guess you could say I have taught myself how to craft my own voice. I have taught myself absolutely everything about being an independent musician, from booking my own gigs to recording my own music, to mixing and mastering my own music, to getting radio airplay, to building my own website and attracting my social media following and Crichton Clan following…. it has been a busy few years!

3. Lynz Crichton, do you have any fun stories about the music industry?

I am actually a UK songwriting competition winner. I won the MoboAwards/FirstDirect songwriting competition back in 2017 and was asked to go down to London to spend the weekend at Metropolis Studios and collaborate with Mobo Unsung musicians, as well as incredible music engineers and producers. It was amazing, but the most interesting thing they were preaching that weekend was…. don’t go to try and ‘find’ a record deal…. craft your career your own way. That’s exactly what I was doing and have continued to do ever since. Good to know huh?!

4. Who would you say inspired you the most in the industry and why?

Oooooh, there have been plenty of inspirational musicians that I look up to. I love KT Tunstall, her music and what she stands for, as well as loving bands in the 90 and 00s like Garbage, Sheryl Crowe, Joan Osborne. Strong female women, killing it in the music industry.

5. Lynz Crichton, just for fun, what is on your bucket list?

I wanna learn how to fly! Not sure yet if I wanna fly a microlight or a helicopter…. but I wanna fly before I kick it. 😉

Sweet Dreams MASHUP (Eurythmics vs Beyonce), Acoustic LIVE Looper Cover by Lynz Crichton

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