Wayne Wang “Coming Home Again” at TIFF 2019 (by: Jovin Tardif)

Wayne Wang ‘Coming Home Again’

Wayne Wang, the director of ‘The Joy Luck Club’ presented a masterpiece with ‘Coming Home Again’.  I must say, the thing I admire most about the Toronto Film Festival is that you get the opportunity to meet and speak to directors, producers and actors. Before the film began, the director came up to the stage to share his insight into the film. He promised that after the film that he would do a Q & A.  ‘Coming Home Again’ is based on a personal essay by Chang-Rae Lee. The film itself showed the relationship between a son and mother. The son was going through several emotions while caring for his ailing mother. It was a powerful film with a superb cast of actors and actresses (Justin Chon, Jackie Chung, Christina July Kim, John Lie). I don’t often get emotional but Wang’s way of presenting anger, frustration and sadness was sensational. I felt for Justin Chon’s character. The film was followed up by a Q & A where we learned a little more about his frame of mind. He discussed his regrets in his life and his understanding of human life. It really opened the eyes of the audience.


Wayne Wang - Director of Coming Home Again at TIFF 2019
Wayne Wang – Director of Coming Home Again at TIFF 2019

I must say what a fantastic experience. It brings me joy to be fortunate enough to be in these moments. The reason I love films and movies is not only because of the movie itself, but it is also the experience, the discussions and the different perspective on the images that fans see on the screen.  “Everyone grows old and everyone at some point in their life has to deal with a parent’s mortality,” Wang said.

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