It belongs in a Museum…The Academy Museum (by: Jovin Tardif)

It is surprising that the vast metropolis of Los Angeles—defined by the industry that creates the world’s most dominant form of popular culture—lacks an institution dedicated to celebrating the art and history of film. Today there is no one place where curious moviegoers of all ages and from around the world can experience how films have been and will be made. THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE.

Last time on ‘It belongs in a MuseumThe Academy Museum’ (Part 1) by: Jovin Tardif

I am writing a fictional story with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery about the Academy Museum opening soon in order to show my love for film, movies, music, entertainment and more.  Please enjoy!

Opening soon, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures celebrates the art and science of movies—past, present, and future. Its exhibitions and programs will convey the magic of cinema and offer a glimpse behind the screen, illuminating the creative and collaborative process of filmmaking. The museum will seek to inspire, entertain, and educate all visitors about the rich history of motion pictures and their essential role in our culture.

SEAN CONNERY leans in a doorway reading a newspaper as HARRISON FORD enters down the stairs and taps SEAN CONNERY’S shoulder.

HARRISON FORD and SEAN CONNERY show their papers to the Boarding Guards and join the line of passengers, which has already begun to move toward the Zeppelin.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a 1989 American action-adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg, from a story co-written by executive producer George Lucas. It is the third installment in the Indiana Jones franchise. Harrison Ford reprises the title role, while his father is portrayed by Sean Connery. Story by‎: ‎George Lucas‎; ‎Menno Meyjes Based on‎: ‎Characters‎; by ‎George Lucas‎; ‎Philip Production company‎: ‎Lucasfilm Ltd. Produced by‎: ‎Robert Watts


Ten stories tall and longer than two football fields.

They begin to walk toward the boarding gates.

The Zeppelin is about to take off. HARRISON FORD and SEAN CONNERY make themselves comfortable in one of the compartments.

SEAN CONNERY: What are we doing Junior?
HARRISON FORD: I like Indiana.
SEAN CONNERY: We named the dog Indiana
HARRISON FORD: (embarrassed) I’ve got a lot of fond memories of that dog.

Harrison Ford sits back in his chair, looks to SEAN CONNERY, now reading his newspaper.

SEAN CONNERY looks over his newspaper at HARRISON FORD. HARRISON FORD opens his Diary and begins to thumb through it.

SEAN CONNERY: Where are we going?
HARRISON FORD: We have a bit of time (pause) until December 2020.
SEAN CONNERY: I think you are a bit confused Junior. Your movie came out in February 2020.


HARRISON FORD continues to thumb through his Diary.

SEAN CONNERY: Indiana. Indiana.
HARRISON FORD looks perplexed as SEAN CONNERY has never called him this before.
HARRISON FORD: Mr. Bond, James Bond? Or should I simply call you Dad?

HARRISON FORD smirks and points at the diary.

We need to find these items. Come on…it will be fun… kind of like the Hunt for Red October.
SEAN CONNERY: (very calmly) …let it go…
HARRISON FORD: We can’t…We need to get these items because…

SEAN CONNERY starts to interrupt but HARRISON FORD jumps out if his chair and screams out loud.

Because … It belongs in a museum. The Academy Museum.  Our first item is the ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz. Let’s go!
(To be continued)
On the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax, in the heart of Los Angeles, Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano is restoring and re-envisioning the historic 1939 May Company department store. This renovated landmark, named in honor of donors Cheryl and Haim Saban, will be joined by a new soaring glass and concrete sphere partially inspired by the dirigibles that landed close by on the Cecil B. DeMille airfield during the 1920s. When completed, the Museum’s 300,000 square foot campus will feature six stories of dynamic spaces exploring the rich history of Hollywood and global filmmaking.

‘It belongs in a Museum…The Academy Museum’ (Part 2) by: Jovin Tardif

SEAN CONNERY and HARRISON FORD exit the Zeppelin.

In the background, you can see a ‘Welcome to Kansas’ sign. HARRISON FORD starts walking towards it.

HARRISON FORD: Okay, I think we should settle down at this house
SEAN CONNERY rolls his eyes and shakes his head but walks towards Harrison Ford.

Out of nowhere, a Cyclone starts approaching. SEAN CONNERY points up to the sky.

SEAN CONNERY: Better get under cover, Junior — there’s a storm blowing up.

The house starts spinning
The cyclone whirling in the background (SEAN CONNERY starts screaming)
HARRISON FORD and SEAN CONNERY are lying near a bed — the house continues to spin
The house whirling down thru dust
The home floats down thru clouds
The residence crashes to the ground

They both start looking around.

HARRISON FORD: I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. … but … we made it.
SEAN CONNERY: Well we were definitely airborne. Now what?
HARRISON FORD: We got to get those red ruby slippers.

HARRISON FORD starts getting agitated and replies.

HARRISON FORD: Because they belong in a…

SEAN CONNERY interrupts.

SEAN CONNERY: in a museum. Yes, yes.
I’ll never ask again. Who are we looking for?

HARRISON FORD opens his Diary and begins to thumb through it.

HARRISON FORD: Dorothy …and I think all you have to do is follow the Yellow Brick Road.

SEAN CONNERY points in the distance.

SEAN CONNERY: Isn’t that Dorothy over there?

In the distance, you see Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Dorothy skipping down the yellow brick road.

HARRISON FORD: I think I have an idea.
SEAN CONNERY: What are going to do Indie?

HARRISON FORD guides SEAN CONNERY towards Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Dorothy.

HARRISON FORD: Dorothy I presume. I need a favour. I’m thinking we can do a bit of an exchange.

Harrison Ford reaches in his leather bag.

HARRISON FORD: Look, Dorothy, I got a few pairs of shoes here in your size of course. I am thinking you might be interested in making a quick trade. I got these red Jordan shoes, red Puma shoes, and red Nike shoes but…choose wisely.

Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Dorothy look at each other. Dorothy looks pleased and grabs a pair of shoes from HARRISON FORD and hands over the ruby red slippers. HARRISON FORD and SEAN CONNERY continue to walk down the yellow brick road.

SEAN CONNERY: Quick-thinking Junior. Great negotiation skills. Okay…now how do we get out of here?
HARRISON FORD: I suppose we continue walking down the yellow brick road.
SEAN CONNERY: but, how do we get home?

HARRISON FORD opens his Diary and begins to thumb through it.

HARRISON FORD: It says here … “close your eyes and tap your heels together three times and think to yourself — “There’s no place like home; there’s no place like home; there’s no place like home. Mr. Connery, will you do the honours.”

HARRISON FORD hands over the ruby red slippers to SEAN CONNERY in order for him to put them on.

SEAN CONNERY “Junior, they aren’t really my size. I think it might be best if you try them on.”

HARRISON FORD giggles, shakes his head and puts on the red slippers. However, he is first interrupted by SEAN CONNERY.

SEAN CONNERY: How will Dorothy get home?

HARRISON FORD shrugs his shoulders and begins to tap his heels and continues to speak.

HARRISON FORD – There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.

More than a museum, we’ve imagined a global film hub that is simultaneously experiential, educational, and entertaining. Its amenities will include two state-of-the-art theaters, a long-term exhibition on moviemaking, dramatic rotating galleries, cutting-edge project spaces, an alfresco piazza, an active education studio, fine dining and casual restaurants, and a bustling shop, all crowned by an open-air terrace featuring unparalleled views of the Hollywood Hills.

(To be continued)



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