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Anchor, Reporter and Host Roger Petersen from CityTV Breakfast Television and CityNews Toronto Roger Petersen
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A conversation with anchor, reporter, and host Roger Petersen

I learned that “if you don’t ask, you won’t know”. So I asked. Today, I am interviewing the co-host of Toronto’s longest-running morning show Roger Petersen from Breakfast Television. So pleased when he accepted my request. I met him on Breakfast Television one morning and we had a brief conversation about random topics. I have been a longtime fan of his work on CityTV and I remember when Roger used to work on CityNews. Thought I would take a risk and see if he was up for a simple yet fun Q & A.  Are you ready?  Start your engines…Oh, wait a minute. We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. Mic check…microphone check…Testing, testing…1-2-3-4…ok, here we go…we are LIVE in 3, 2, 1…..Let’s go!


CityTV CityNews Breakfast Television Roger Petersen is a Canadian television news reporter. He served as anchor on CityNews (formerly CityPulse) and Breakfast Television on CityTV Toronto from 1999 until 2004, when he moved to CityTV Vancouver and became that station's lead male anchor with co-anchor Julie Nolin. He remained in that position until the cancellation of that newscast on July 12, 2006. Then he went back to Toronto, this time reporting and anchoring for CTV Toronto. In October 2008, he returned to Citytv Toronto as weekend anchor alongside Farah Nasser.On January 19, 2010 Rogers & CityTV laid off many staff and cancelled some of the newscasts including the weekend newscasts. Petersen is now the anchor of CityNews Tonight, weeknights at 11pm. His appointment was named a few months after the death of 11pm anchor Mark Dailey.Petersen is a graduate of Seneca College.
Anchor, Reporter and Host Roger Petersen from CityTV Breakfast Television and CityNews Toronto


1. Do you have any fun stories about your time at Seneca College studying Radio and Television?

We were at the school of broadcasting which was a small intimate campus. We had 24-hour access and some pubs nearby by so many of the edit suites would end up as hotel rooms.

2. Let’s discuss your broadcasting career on the radio?

I spent ten years on the radio. A wonderful time. Very different from tv. More of a solo sport. I worked everywhere from Orillia to Detroit. Great experiences. Hosting a morning show in Detroit. Covering news stories that covered the spectrum in other cities.

3. You have had a variety of roles including reporter, anchor, and host of the car show Autoshop. Do you have a favourite moment?

My favourite moments. So many. Recently. Interviewing Danny Devito and Steve Earle. Devito was funny and sweet. Earle is one of my favourite musicians. Covering the papal visit…on a more somber note the SARS outbreak here and the horrific van attack.


CityTV CityNews Roger Petersen @rogerfpetersen Breakfast Television  host. Full-time dad. Part-time sailor. Your stories are our stories. Instagram: therogerpetersen
Anchor, Reporter and Host Roger Petersen from CityTV Breakfast Television and CityNews Toronto


4. You enjoy a variety of activities including sailing. Can you tell us about when and where you learned how to sail?

Stumbled into sailing in Detroit in 1996. Bought an old boat in a charity auction for next to nothing. Taught myself to sail on it then bought my current boat in 2000. I lived on it for five years so I could pay for it. I have raced and sailed around the world.

5. Who is the most fascinating individual that you have ever met? Can you tell us why? I really appreciate the time and help.

The most fascinating people I’ve met were twin brothers who had hoarding issues. They could rationalize everything they had even the five-foot-high pile of empty milk bags.

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