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As a fan of television, film, music, stage, celebrity news, arts, etc… this is where I write about show biz. You have to admit, entertainment brings happiness. Happiness is what keeps people moving forward. Without it, we don’t have relaxation.  It is surely necessary for our lives. There are a lot of ways to get entertainment. For instance television, streaming services, cinema, internet, magazines, and more.

In this section, I will offer show business reviews.  Some reviews include TIFF19 Coming Home Again, Christmas Chalet, and The Last Full Measure.  Sometimes, I create my own stories such as ‘It belongs in a Museum…The Academy Museum’.  Other times, I will discuss entertainment news for example new shows to watch, film releases, or grand openings coming soon.  Stay tuned to hear my positive spin on the news happening around the globe.

May 29 Reviewing albums and Favourite Song

May 29 REVIEWING ALBUMS AND FAVOURITE SONG Today I decided to check out the latest…

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