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Buju Banton releases long-awaited album Upside Down 2020

Grammy winner, multiple Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping artist and international reggae icon Buju Banton releases his much-anticipated album Upside Down 2020. This is his first full-length studio album in a decade. The 20 song album features special guests Stephen Marley, Pharrell, John Legend, and Stefflon Don.

Buju Banton Upside Down 2020 tracks include: Lamb of God, Yes Mi Friend featuring Stephen Marley, Buried Alive, Blessed Memories featuring John Legend, Lovely State Of Mind, Appreciated, Trust, Cherry Pie featuring Pharrell, Beat Dem Bad, Good Time Girl, Call Me featuring Stefflon Don, Moonlight Love, Cheated, Steppa, The World Is Changing, 400 Years, Rising Up, Helping Hand, Unity.


buju banton upside down
Buju Banton Upside Down (2020)

Upside Down 2020

Banton’s last album, Before The Dawn, was released in 2010. Leading up to this release, a wide cross-section of music critics were excited and eager with anticipation:

“One of Jamaica’s biggest contemporary stars.” – Rolling Stone

“One of the most respected acts in reggae.” – The Associated Press

“A national hero…he’s as much a singer as he is a hallmark of Jamaican culture.” – The FADER

“The sounds on this versatile set range from state-of-the-art dancehall to classic roots reggae to R&B and pop-flavored collaborations” – Vibe Magazine

What On What’s Good Album Review

“Every song on the album takes you on a journey.  Fortunately, it was a sunny day out today. I simply closed my eyes and listened to the beautiful calming music.”  What On What’s Good

In a game I like to call: #Ucanonlypick1 – The song ‘Good Time Girl’ made me smile.

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Stream Buju Banton’s Upside Down 2020 on all platforms by clicking HERE

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