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Behind-the-Scenes at Open World Toronto Film Festival

“Knock, knock. Hey…it’s your buddy Jovin Tardif from What on What’s Good. Let me in. LOL.”

Sure…I can talk about all the awesome films, but I think what I am about to write about is more important. This story is about friendship.

My good friends at Open World Toronto Film Festival (OWTFF) were ready with open arms to greet me at the door on Day 2 of the festival. This is what life should be all about. I was greeted at the door by President Sabine Mondestin and Director Steve Lareau. They were the nicest people I have ever met. They showed me around the room and brought me to my first conversation of the evening with Aline Kurik. You can read about her in a #cinque5tion in my blog. Aline is a wonderful individual. Aline offered me a drink and a few snacks while I roamed around the room to meet some other guest(s).

Yes… I am bubbly once I get to know you, but truthfully I am really shy. Tonight, I didn’t really have to worry because of my good friend Angelica Alejandro. Angelica is probably the most respected individual in the business. Everyone runs over to her and I will tell you why. She is probably the sweetest person I have ever met. Fun fact: she brought it to my attention that one day she wants to meet Dina Pugliese and give her a hug. Hmmm…I hope that this dream can come true.

Anyway, with Angelica’s help, over the next few days at Open World Toronto Film Festival, I met some wonderful actors, actresses, hosts, producers, directors, etc… I was introduced to Mark Datuin, Elle A, Limor Markovzki, Jeffrey Benson, Gianluca Olmastroni, Peter Mazzucco, Valérie Angèle Lecomte, Suzanne Pratley, Elizabeth Spano, Trish Rainone, Andre Gaumont, Shanti Dhore, Roshahn Dhoré, Leilah Dhoré, Jay Harmony, MAD Resilience Films and many many more. Make sure you write all these names down. They are the future of the film and entertainment business.

I think it was really cool that everyone treated each other like family. This is how close and comfortable everyone is with one another. At the Open World Toronto Film Festival, we are there to cheer each other on while we enjoy and learn from one another about the film industry. I think I made a good first impression and I hope to see everyone real soon and hmmm.. possibly collaborate.

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By Jovin Tardif

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