Going to Breakfast Television Toronto

My visit to Breakfast Television Toronto (BT Toronto)

On Thursday, September 26, 2019, I woke up really early in the morning. My plan for the day was slightly changed. My usual routine is getting up, going over to the kitchen, make a cup of coffee for my wife and myself, feed and play games with my cat Gizmo and make my way back to the room to watch my favourite television show in the morning Breakfast Television Toronto (BT Toronto).

I got on the subway to head downtown. I was watching everyone making their way to work. At Dundas Station, it happened to be raining out that made for excellent pictures. I headed to security and introduced myself and was quickly approached by a producer They gave me instructions on what would be happening next. I was informed I was a bit early.

The cast was singing “Lil Nas X – Old Town Road

At 8:30 am, I returned to the studio where I was asked by Talia Knezic if I was “Jovin”. I acknowledged by saying “yes”. At that point, in the corner of my eye, I saw Roger and Dina, A producer sat me down in the studio area to watch a segment with Roger, Dina and Pay Chen. It was so fascinating to see the love and positivity in the room. The cast was singing “Lil Nas X – Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)” while they were also doing a run-through on the segment coming up. They are so relaxed and mellow.  After the segment, I briefly saw Winston Sih mingling with the cast. I was just a fly in the room. It was awesome.

The Elevator ride

After the segment was finished, the producer rushed me to the elevator. I watched in amusement as I was being entertained on the elevator by Roger and Dina. I remained quiet and didn’t say a word. On the next floor, I happened to walk by Teri Hart as I was guided to a couch. There was a short segment with Roger and Dina speaking with Shem from Kiss925.

Teri Hart discussing Hollywood

It was now time to watch how they wrap things up. As I have a passion for television, movies, and entertainment, I couldn’t believe I was going to watch Teri talk about Hollywood. In the meantime, I was approached by Roger. I shook his hand and I asked “this is basically improv” and he replied: “yes, we talk until we are told to stop.” I thought that was incredible.

The importance of feedback on social media

I just wanted to remind everyone that the feedback on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook really propels this show. When the cast hears all about the positivity from the fans, they want to show you a product that you will enjoy. They heard all the nice words on social media about Shem and his church choir so they added another segment of them singing. Wow, and could they ever sing. That really made my morning.

Meeting the cast after the show

Once the show wrapped up, the cast welcomed me with open arms. I felt like family (like the shy awkward cousin). It was so nice to meet all of them. My normal routine is that I joke with them online but this time, we were all face-to-face. Dina said: “come have a look at how you look on television”, I shooked my head and said: “This is probably why I stay behind the scenes.” They all looked stunning and I was just in casual attire. The cast all ran up to greet me. It felt like a BT family reunion. They all said, “Let’s take a picture.” After Talia took the photo, I turned around and said: “Wow, those lights are bright.” I’m glad I had my hat on because my head would have been shiny in those lights.

Melanie looked extremely surprised that I was there. We were just tweeting moments earlier. I met Natasha and said, “I normally see you at night.” I didn’t know she was going to be on-site but I was so thrilled to meet her. I had a quick discussion with Teri about how the music touched us both. Roger, Melanie, and Natasha took some time to learn a bit about me. I thought that was extremely nice of them. I felt more relaxed at this time since they were so friendly and outgoing.

Checking out where they film weather and traffic

I happen to go back on the elevator with Stephanie, Natasha and Talia. We went upstairs to another floor where I learned they do weather and traffic. They were so approachable and very caring. I took a few photos upstairs of the area.

Express Review

This experience really taught me why I have been watching this show for so long. The Breakfast Television cast and crew really make you feel at home while you are there. It is kind of like when you watch them on television. They bring you in with all their energy and positivity. We are all one big happy family Toronto. Breakfast Television Toronto (City TV) wants to put a smile on your face before we battle the workday. I feel so honoured that they allowed me to share this moment with them. It will be a memory I will never forget.

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