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The Movie Expo 2019

The Movie Expo was held on September 20-22, 2019. It is a chance to bring together thousands of movie-making professionals under one roof and discuss their craft. The trade show offered opportunities to all actors, actresses, filmmakers, producers, writers, musicians, dancers and more to get a chance to learn more about the film business and connect with those already in the business. There was also a chance to learn about stage jobs, voiceover work, jobs in music, child acting opportunities, and casting calls. It is a one of a kind show. You can also pitch your ideas in a private area to producers and directors.

As you walked into the Movie Expo, you felt like a movie star as you made your way down the red carpet. There was a security guard all dressed up at the front door ready to greet you as you arrived. When we walked in, we were immediately attracted by what was happening on the stage. We got to watch IronMan take on Tazito Garcia in a duel. This was followed up by a performance by Bucc n Flvr and the FIVR SQUAD who did a creative dance sequence. The main event was Eugene Draw, an electric violinist. This really got the crowd fired up. The expo also had multiple booths from different companies.

If that wasn’t enough, the Movie Expo was also hosting talks by Hollywood industry insiders. I attended two seminars on Saturday. The first seminar was with Luis Carrasco, a concept artist. In this seminar, we learned that creativity is important when being a concept artist. One quote that stuck with me is that if you choose to be a concept artist, remember “to always ask questions to make sure you are clear about what they want their character to look like.” He showed us some of his work from Love Death Plus + Robots on Netflix. It was a very interesting seminar.

In the second seminar, I learned about tech and motion picture marketing. This seminar was presented by Dennis Rice. Denis started by describing the history of the film business and how marketing has changed over the years. The seminar focused on how technology can help Hollywood to gather information. Hollywood needs to embrace this technology to learn more about our likes and dislikes. This discussion made you really think about how the business is evolving.

The Movie Expo was open to the public and industry professionals. You had plenty of opportunities to learn, discover more about the industry. It would be my pleasure to return again next year. I had a blast.

The Movie Expo


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