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Trebas Institute was founded in 1979. It’s the 40th anniversary. Hooray!!!!  I like the element of surprise. Whatever happen to that?  Behind closed doors, I was talking to my good friends at Trebas Institute Toronto about a story I was going to write. During our conversation, it was brought to my attention that my good buddy Tazito Garcia was going to be the keynote speaker for the Trebas Institute Graduation 2019. So, essentially after some goofing around on social media, I let Tazito Garcia know that I got my invite and that I would be “crashing the party” I am not sure if he believed me. So…I showed up. Pssst graduates…I was the guy filming with Taz’s camera. (shhh…but you didn’t hear that from me).  Trebas supplies the tools necessary for the graduates to enter the music and entertainment industry.  The courses available at Trebas include Audio Engineering & Production/DJ Arts, Entertainment Management, Event & Venue Management, and Film & Television Production & Post-Production. Today, the Institute is recognized by the music and film industry for its excellence and commitment. The proof is in their graduates who now work for important entertainment companies, studios, and eminent artists. Some of their graduates are now artists themselves and travel the world while making their dreams come true.


Why go to Trebas Toronto? Good question. Here are some notes I jotted from the director and a few instructors.

Sat Balraj
Campus Director
Your opportunities are endless, whether you dream of a career in audio engineering, film making, working in the entertainment business or managing events and venues. All it takes is dedication and enthusiasm from you and you’ll be on your way to making your studies at Trebas Institute a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Jeff Wright
Audio Engineering Instructor / Entertainment Management
Jeff has a diploma in audio engineering and has worked in the recording industry for over two decades. He has received numerous Gemini, Anix and Emmy awards. He has also directed actors for several webisodes and a show on CBC. Jeff has worked on several movies. Jeff has also had the opportunity to work with some of Canada’s premier recording artists. Jeff teaches sound and recording theory as well as heading up the Audio Engineering and Recorded Music Production Department at Trebas.

Buck Moore
Audio Engineering Instructor / Entertainment Management / Entertainment Management
Buck Moore is a filmmaker, audiovisual consultant and live sound technical specialist. Buck has run his own AV company since 1998, where he has setup and operated over 4,000 live events to date, including thousands of musical acts, special events, and corporate presentations. Buck has also shot and/or edited well over 75 film and video projects, some of which served as successful Internet marketing campaigns and others played at film festivals or on television. Buck has recorded sound effects for Sound Ideas, the world’s largest publisher of sound effects, and has written articles for such prominent publications as Mix Magazine, On Stage Magazine, Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade. Buck has been a Trebas instructor since 2001.

Kalman Szegvary
Film & TV Production Instructor
Kalman Szegvary, the Director of the Film & TV Production Program, is a Toronto-based independent filmmaker. He holds a BFA Honours degree in Film/Video Production from York University and is an MFA candidate at Hollins University, Virginia. He is best known as director/producer of the cult hit, Cannibal Rollerbabes, a low-budget horror movie that had a worldwide release and is currently available on iTunes. Additionally, Kalman runs his own production company, Wildfire Motion Picture Co, and is developing projects for TV. Kalman has become very knowledgeable in the world of stereoscopic 3D and has recently assisted his students with the production of one of the first 3D student films, Dead Souls. He is excited about how 3D technology will open up a whole new world for the storytellers and filmmakers of Trebas Institute.

Call now and ask for Amanda 416-966-3066. Ask for a tour. You won’t regret it.

Plus, (looking both ways) you never know who will walk into Trebas Toronto this year on the 40th anniversary. Stay tuned!

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