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Today on What On What’s Good with Host Jovin Tardif, I am here with actor and music artist Aaron Dalla Villa.  Aaron is known for his roles in the horror films Pledge and Trick. Both are currently streaming on Hulu. He also has a few new singles called Conspiracy and Demon Killer. Today in our interview, we discuss his roles on Gotham and Madam Secretary, his characters in Pledge, Alpha Rift, and Trick, his new music, and more.


1. Any fun behind-the-scenes stories or fun memories from your time on the television shows “Gotham,” and “Madam Secretary.”?

I don’t really have any stories besides that it was a blast to work on both of those projects. All of the cast and crew were lovely. Gotham was a longer shoot day, so I had more time to really enjoy being on set. For Madam Secretary, I was in and out pretty quickly.

2. How would you best describe your characters in “Pledge”, “Alpha Rift” and “TRICK”?

Pledge features my most psychotic/calculated character to date, Maxwell Peterson III. Alpha Rift features my goofy, comedic side (a la Marty McFly) via my character, Nolan Parthmore. My character in TRICK, Smooth Johnny, features the part of me that just goes along with something for the fun of it. There’s no true plan or calculation. He’s just going with the flow.

3.  Do you have any favourite moments from these films (on or offset)?

Favorite moments on set include: staying in character when shooting, and when not, on the set of PLEDGE. I acted like the mansion we were shooting in was mine, so when the parents of one of the producers arrived on set, I asked them, “what is this, parent/teacher conference?” That got a laugh. It was all in good fun, and everyone played along.

Talking about acting with Tom Atkins in between scenes and getting his perspective on his career and process was fascinating (TRICK). Going over the script with Lance Henriksen the first night before our shoot together was an absolute riot. He’s one of the funniest men I’ve ever met. ALPHA RIFT was a lot of fun to shoot. We have quite the amount of bts for that one. To be released in some fashion once the film is out, I’m sure—such a great time.

4. Who is one director you would like to work with, and why?

Tarantino. He’s a brilliant writer and director and has such an eccentric personality. I think we’d really get along.

5. Outside of acting, you also create music. Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and your latest single, “Conspiracy & “Demon Killer.”

My first love was music. I used to play the saxophone in the jazz band in middle and high school. One day, I knew that love would return to me. I see music in life. There is sound and rhythm all around us. COVID and the quarantine lockdown proved to be the perfect time to dive back into that passion.

Conspiracy was written four years ago, in response to the Trump/Hillary election, so after receiving my new recording equipment, I just had to lay it down, get is mixed and mastered, and ship it.

Demon Killer took more work to find the right sound. I probably recorded it 50 times over the course of several months (even before COVID) and eventually found the sound that I wanted. I’m proud of both.

They aren’t perfect in any means, but they’ve given me a lot of insight as to how to approach my future music.

6. What is some advice you would give to a new actor or musician?

Just do it. Nike and Shia LaBeouf are right. If you have an idea, a dream, or a goal, just put it out there/pursue it. No matter what anyone says, you did something. Did they? There is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences.

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