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Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with Acid Test. Acid Test is a Canadian experimental band from Toronto, Ontario. Acid Test consists of vocalist and bassist Lucy Di Santo, guitarist Steve Fall, keyboardist Atom Percy, and drummer Tim van de Ven.


1. How was the group formed? Where did you all meet?

The band was originally created in Toronto as a writing project. Lucy and Steve formed the band after meeting in another band. Mike joined the group by visiting a studio we were working in and played us a recording of his DJ work and music and it knocked us out. Mike brought along Adam as we needed some keys.

2. Can you walk us through the process of being signed by Sire Records (Warner Music Group)?

The band had been building a following via radio support on CFNY, CKLN, CIUT and several clubs…in the 401 Circuit where the band used to tour. Much Music was playing a few independent videos and filming the band at live events. As the band grew, we were the opening act for the Sugarcubes last performance before Bjork went solo. This was at the famed Concert Hall. At the time Sugarcubes ‘ Hit’ was number #2 on CFNY while Acid Test ‘ Mr Skin’ was number 2. We also had another track called ‘Dance’ charting and a 3rd called Higher later on a few other stations We also played the New Music Seminar in New York and MTV filmed us on this Day in Rock which Seymour Stein saw on MTV addition to our manager giving him a demo.

3. Can you describe the type of music that can be heard on your debut album ‘Drop’ by Acid Test?

“Drop” was ahead of its time in ’92 with a hybrid style of grungy guitar, funk, and electronical mixed with a unique slant on songwriting. We knew when we recorded it that it would be a cult record and not so easy to market. But we were proud of it as art.”

4. Acid Test was the opening act for Nine Inch Nails, Grace Jones, Snow, 54-40, The Ocean Blue and The Sugarcubes. Any fun stories that you would like to share about these bands?

5440 were amazing to us. Brad, in particular. Trent from Nine Inch Nails was a big source of inspiration and enthusiasm.

5. You performed across the US, Canada and the UK. Does Acid Test have any favourite spots?

Salt Lake City Utah in the 90s was a fun place as the kids were so into live music. New York City and playing at home in Toronto was always special.

6. You contributed soundtracks for Martin Scorsese’s Naked In New York and to the documentary Talk 16. Can you let us know more about these experiences? Did Acid Test reach out to them or did they reach out to you?

Adrian and Janice from Talk 16 needed extra source music and they were friends of Bruce MacDonald. He helped hook that up. Seymour from Sire asked us to submit music for Naked In New York and the director liked our track “Shake” so it was selected to be in the movie and the soundtrack.”

7. How would you describe your latest album, “Jus Rite” EP (April 27, 2018) released with ‘At Last Music’ compared to your debut ‘Drop’?

Jus’ Rite is us 2 decades later rediscovering each other as we parted ways long ago. The sound is Acid Test Through and through.”

8. Can you tell us about that night at The Garrison in Toronto? How did you feel and how the crowd respond.

The Garrison was a fun night. The crowd was a feel-good vibe.

9. Where can we see Acid Test next?

Lucy and Steve have reactivated their solo band “On” and we are writing right now (Dan Cornelius, Steve Fall, Lucy Di Santo)

10. Just for fun. Describe each member of the group in one word.

Lucy Di Santo (vocals) Funky
Steve Fall (guitarist) Loud
Adam (Atom) Percy (keyboardist/producer) Vegan
Tim van de Ven (drummer) Kiss
Mike Harland (former member) Missed”

Jus’ Rite by Acid Test

  1. Slipping Away
  2. Ordinary Ways
  3. Heartquake
  4. Thick as Thieves
  5. 6 TO 4
  6. Sugarbowl

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