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Today on What On What’s Good with Host Jovin Tardif, I am here with Musical Artist Adam Emil.  Fun fact: Emil spent a few years on the I love the 90s tour as the third member of Color Me Badd.  He has toured with musical artists and groups like Vanilla Ice, Salt n Pepa, Coolio, Mark Mcgrath, Tone loc, Wiz Khalifa, Brad Paisley, Naughty By Nature, Nelly, and many more. In our interview, we discuss his sound, working with Color Me Badd, being on Jimmy Kimmel, his latest single PROLLY WHY, and much more.


1. How would you describe your sound to others?

My sound is RNB but also crosses into the pop and hip hop genres.

2. You cited Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, as some of your musical influences. Tell us your favorite song from each artist and why.

I love many songs by Stevie, “My Cherie Amour”, “These Three Words”, “Ribbon in the Sky”. I can’t choose one. Stevie can sing about love in a way like no other. His voice and musical ability are like no other. A true icon and legend with songs that will last forever.

My favorite songs by Marvin Gaye are “Aint that Peculiar”, “Distant Lover”, and many others. His voice was magic for me. Also, he was very smooth when he performed. Not just a ladies man, but an international superstar.

Bob Marley had tons of songs that are still so relevant. “Buffalo Soldier”, “Three Little Birds” “Get up Stand up”, “No Woman No Cry” just to name a few. He was the voice of the people. His songs were inspiring and made you see things from his perspective by the way he sang and delivered his messages. Bob was also an ICON and a legend way before his time.

3. What was it like meeting Stevie Wonder? What did you learn from your conversation?

Meeting Stevie was one of the top moments in my career. We were in LA at Paramount Studios for the Lip Sync Battle. Stevie told his manager that he wanted to meet us (Color me Badd). Initially, it was just a photo situation, but before I left I turned around and said, “Stevie, do you have any advice on songwriting”. He grabbed my hand and led me to sit down and gave me some incredible advice. I learned to seize each moment and to capitalize on every situation God puts you in.

4. You toured alongside bandmates Bryan Abrams and Mark Calderon (COLOR ME BADD) Do you have any fun moments from the nationwide I LOVE THE 90’s?

Man, tons of fun and unforgettable moments. Every week, every show was a new city with exciting things waiting on you. The long flights overseas were big for me because it was my first time. Then when you arrive and see how live the crowds were, it was unbelievable. The flight miles, the limos, the fans, the money. It was showtime all the time during that tour. Never a dull moment.

5. How would you describe your debut performance at Allstate Arena?

Honestly, the sound for us that night was terrible. Hahaha… My family was in the house and I had a blast, but the sound for us that night was not good. I still enjoyed performing in my hometown. I think we partied all night long after the concert.

6. What was it like being on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Being on Jimmy Kimmel was monumental. Every time I flew to LA it was so surreal. We did so many shows in California, it was like a tour inside a tour. Not only did we perform on Kimmel Live, but we did alongside Brad Paisley. I even went outside after and ran into Carrie Underwood after she came off the outdoor stage. She was super cool and beautiful. It was a Big deal and I think we did a pretty good job while on the show.

7. You like collaborating with other musicians. Who is an artist that you are hoping to connect with in the future and why?

Yea, it’s definitely fun working with other artists. Everybody has their own way of working and you stand to learn and observe a lot in mixed company. I look forward to working with Snoop one day, and possibly Bruno Mars or Kendrick Lamar. They are all masters of their craft and have endured this industry and I would walk away with tons of knowledge, confidence and understanding. Not to mention a Hit song!!!

8. Can you tell us a little about your new single ‘PROLLY WHY’ coming out soon?

Yea, I worked with the Single Makerz on this project. I’m also featuring Youngblaze on the track as well. It’s a fun, feel good record that I think you will enjoy. I wanted to create an unapologetic vibe that just allows you to be yourself and vibe the way you vibe. I think we captured it with this project.

9. What can we expect from the music video ‘PROLLY WHY’?

The video was fun to shoot. It was a bit of a challenge shooting during quarantine but we made it happen. I think you will like the colors and vibe of the video.  It is just a fun, feel good, easy-going groove.

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