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Interview with Singer, Songwriter, Producer, DJ, and Dancer Alex Angelo

Today on What On What’s Good with Host Jovin Tardif, I am here with Alex Angelo. Alex is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, DJ, and Dancer. Alex was born in Fort Myers, Florida, and raised in Ohio. Within a few years, Alex opened up and toured with several musical artists, including Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Carly Rae Jepsen, Austin Mahone, Hoodie Allen, and many more. In our interview, we discuss starting off as a DJ/dancer, behind-the-scenes touring stories, his rendition of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” and much more. Fun fact, Alex is releasing music every 3 weeks for his fans. Other tracks include Marilyn, Romeo, Switch Up, Kick It (3am) and I Don’t Mind.

Alex Angelo tracks include Marilyn, Romeo, Switch Up, In our Eyes, Kick It (3am) and I Don't Mind
Alex Angelo tracks include Marilyn, Romeo, Switch Up, In our Eyes, Kick It (3am) and I Don’t Mind

1. What was it like djing for the Cleveland Cavaliers? Describe the atmosphere and preparation.

It was amazing. The energy in an arena is amazing, and fans in Cleveland are so loud and crazy for their teams. I would be running all over that arena. Before the game and on the breaks, I was DJ’ing. What an amazing experience.  Used to be on Cavs Kids dance team as well. Very Loud!

2. When did you decide that music was something you wanted to get into?

After I started DJ’ing using my dad’s iPad, I wanted to figure this out. I would watch videos of DJs and I thought they were the coolest. I had already been dancing for a while. This was just another way for me to perform. It was funny because people didn’t think it was actually ME dj’ing. They thought I was a prop or something, and faking it. Nope. I had DJ’s that would come to my house and give me lessons. Eventually, I started making my own edits of songs, remixes and one things kinda led to another. I am always looking to pick up a new skill with music. I am still learning every day!

Alex Angelo tracks include Marilyn, Romeo, Switch Up, In our Eyes, Kick It (3am) and I Don't Mind
Alex Angelo tracks include Marilyn, Romeo, Switch Up, In our Eyes, Kick It (3am) and I Don’t Mind

3. How would you describe your songwriting process? Where do you get your ideas? Could you offer any tips for new songwriters?

I’m 20, and I have already been doing this for a few years. I write a lot down in my notebook, or in my phone. Don’t think I have experienced enough life yet to achieve my best songwriting, so a lot of times I will try and put myself in other peoples’ shoes, or take inspiration from a movie that I saw. My process is usually very simple – I try to think of the subject matter, then create a chord progression over a simple beat. I then write out the song- sometimes it’s the hook first, sometimes it’s the verses.

4. Any fun behind-the-scenes tour stories?

YES! I can say that on one tour with Austin Mahone, Shawn Mendes, and Fifth Harmony- my family rented an RV, and we would wake up super early and follow the tour busses to the next location every day. I was so lucky to have that time with mu family. These other artists had these big TOUR busses and we were chillin in an RV, like it was a family vacation across the country. It was so much fun. We loved getting to know the family that is behind the scenes.

Alex Angelo
Alex Angelo tracks include Marilyn, Romeo, Switch Up, In our Eyes, Kick It (3am) and I Don’t Mind

5. Outside of music you play video games. Favourite game and why?

YES- I love video games. Right now I am very into the new Tony Hawk game. They remade the original Tony Hawk game with updated graphics and technology. Love it. Also love playing the new GOLF game on the switch. I’m obsessed with golf.

6. Describe dropping a new song every three weeks. Where did the idea come from? What sort of genres can we expect in the future?

It’s ambitious, but it keeps me busy. I didn’t release ANY music last year. It was a year of growth for me. The songs I am releasing now every 3 weeks are mostly songs that I created during this time last year. Rather than drop an album with 12 songs at ONE time, I decided to just spread them out, and drop them slowly over the course of a year.

Honestly, I have no intention of stopping yet. During this global pandemic, I am really enjoying releasing new content. I sing, produce, write and love working with others. To achieve new sounds, I continue to create and challenge myself sonically. My content continues to be POP at the core, but you will absolutely hear different influences in my music, from hip hop, rock and even some classic sounds from the 80’s.

Really excited because I am now working with a lot of other artists, and helping them write and produce to create their sound.

Alex Angelo tracks include Marilyn, Romeo, Switch Up, In our Eyes, Kick It (3am) and I Don't Mind
Alex Angelo tracks include Marilyn, Romeo, Switch Up, In our Eyes, Kick It (3am) and I Don’t Mind

7. What was it like creating In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel Remake and music video?

It’s SUCH an amazing song, and so many of my followers probably didn’t even know the song. Big fan of the original, and when you try to attack a classic like that- you want to make sure not to ruin it! Very proud of the song, and the arrangement. Listened to the original a lot, and studied it. While keeping the core “special-ness” of it., I wanted to treat it like a new song in 2020,

8. Tell us about your weekly podcast called Robetalk.

Long-form “conversation” just comes easier for me. I would rather sit down and talk for 45 minutes than do a lot of other social media. Still learning how to create TikTok’s. Some are ok- and some flop. Whatever. I like Robetalk because I can just relax, be myself, and have a conversation.

Alex Angelo
Alex Angelo tracks include Marilyn, Romeo, Switch Up, In our Eyes, Kick It (3am) and I Don’t Mind

Top Tracks for Alex Angelo (include In Your Eyes & Marilyn)

In Your Eyes (Official Music Video)

Alex re: In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes has always been a song I loved. I heard it one night after seeing a movie and instantly had to put my own spin on it. A cover/remix like this really helps me grow as an artist. Learning from the people that came before allows me to build upon the art that inspired me.

Marilyn (Official Music Video)

Quote re: Marilyn

Marilyn was a concept that came quick. Marilyn Monroe is obviously an icon, so it made sense. This was a song that really wrote itself. Those ones are always a joy to create and I hope that shines through to the people when they listen to it…

Additionally, The video was another great process. I got to work with many friends of mine whether it was with choreography, creating the concept of the video, getting props and costumes. It was enjoyable to work on from start to finish.

Alex Angelo – Kick It (3am) Official Music Video (stock footage version)

Alex Angelo continues to release new music every three weeks. This is his 7th release of 2020.

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I Don’t Mind – Alex Angelo X CVMRN (official lyric video)

This is a collab between award-winning Singer/Songwriter/Producer from Nashville, TN Alex Angelo, and EDM Producer from NEW YORK, CVMRN. Alex has been releasing songs every 3 weeks in 2020, after working with Grammy award-winning Platinum award-winning artist, singer-songwriter Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. Alex and CVMRN teamed up to create the production on I Don’t Mind, a sultry – romantic tale of a budding relationship.  Click here for other platforms.

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