Interview with Nashville-based singer and songwriter Cotter Hill

Today On What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with Country artist Cotter Hill. Cotter is a southern country boy from Southeast Tennessee. He has called Nashville home for five years. Hill has 3 singles completed and plans to release one in April and another in May. Previous tracks include Better Off, Secondhand Smoke and It’s Her.


1. What was it like when you first moved to Nashville?

When I first moved to Nashville, I only knew one person. After two weeks of sleeping on a couch, I landed a job as a gardener. I networked almost every night going out to writers’ rounds and shows introducing myself to anyone I was interested in writing or playing shows with. I built a ton of friendships and connections, some of which I still have today.

2. What can you tell us about your new release in April?

The new single “Good For Me” will be available on April 30th. Arlis Albritton and Hunter Phelps wrote the song. It’s a feel-good song about getting away from past memories going somewhere you can forget about it all and doing something you know would be good for you.

3. What about the next single coming out in May?

The next single “More To Me Than You” will be available in May. Ben Kramer, Matt Roy, Cameron Blackburn and I wrote the song. It’s a relatable love song about giving up material things in life for the one that you love. We currently do not have an exact release date in May but that is soon to come.

4. Should we expect a music video?

Yes. A music video will be available at the same time as the single.

5. Any fun moments on the road? (touring)

Touring for me is always a great time. It’s a chance to not only see more of the world but to be able to get out and meet so many amazing people. I would say the funniest moments on the road would be sharing the time on and off the stage with my band. We have played shows and travelled endless miles together and building that brotherhood and this story together is an experience I’ll forever hold on to.

6. Who are some of your musical influences and why?

I have a wide range of musical influences. Growing up the youngest of 5, I was introduced to Michael Bolton, Chicago and everything in between. Country influences I would say my top three would be George Strait, Clay Walker and Eric Church. I look up to them as an artist for not only their songwriting ability but for the way they perform and sing. The stories they share in their songs inspire me to write and share my own stories. I’ve learned there is always someone who will connect with those songs and it will help them through whatever season they are going through in life just like the songs from my influences helped me.

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