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Today on What On What’s Good with Host Jovin Tardif, I am here with Hip Hop Artist D Chase. In our interview, topics include musical influence, his sound, creating music as a teen, fun memories while on tour, and his latest song Summertime Ting.

D. Chase releases new single “Summertime Ting”
D. Chase releases new single “Summertime Ting”

1. Who are some of your musical influences and favorite songs growing up.

50 cent, Fabolous, Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg

2. Describe your sound.

I have a unique sound and don’t like to stick to one sound. I rather be versatile and be able to cater to all audiences

3. Describe creating and recording music as a teen. What sort of music were you creating?

As a teen growing up music was different. It was more for fun and less like a business. Back then there was no storytelling really it was more just putting together a bunch of dope punchlines and catchy hooks and making it sound good.

D. Chase releases new single “Summertime Ting”
D. Chase releases new single “Summertime Ting”

4. Any fun memories from opening for artists such as Rick Ross, Fabolous, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Juelz Santana, Mavado and more? Any advice from other artists?

Lots of memories from that show that was the first-ever “Summer Jam Canada” in Bingemans park Out in Kitchener. The show was a shit show lol. Super unorganized and my management kinda just through me on stage with no Intro. So it likes here this skinny unknown rapper with a white tee to my ankles rapping some very explicit content. But I still got a crazy response the natural performer in me took over. Big shout outs to DJ Capone for landing me that gig as well as 80% of my other big performances. The best part was probably watching Busta rhymes and T pain perform. Still to date two of the best performers I have ever seen live and i saw everyone live.

5. Tell us about your latest song “Summertime Ting”. What was it like producing this song?

Summertime Ting was more a vibe. I was actually writing to a different beat kinda struggling for a concept. I was High off some kush I must have zoned out and let the beat run out and once it changes to the next beat and I heard the first 5 seconds I Freestyled the hook in my head. Took me about 15-20 Max to write the verse and hook. I recorded it and thought it was way too short so I added the second verse. Once my team heard it we knew it was the next single.

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