Interview with actress, and multi-award-winning producer Gigi Gustin 

Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I had a quick conversation with Gigi Gustin. Gigi is an actress, model, award-winning producer from New Jersey. In our discussion, I learned she started singing, dancing, and acting at a very young age. Fun fact: she booked her first national commercial for Chuck E. Cheese at the age of 5.


Winner of ‘American Grit’ Season 2

Gustin was also a competitor on John Cena’s American Grit (Season 2) on Fox in 2017.
I asked her about the toughest challenge she had on the show and she replied:

My toughest challenge was definitely the finale. That was my first, and only elimination – My only time competing solo. Michael (prior teammate turned competitor at the finale) and I was hanging 50 feet in the air for over three hours.  My left arm was sore for weeks!

Gigi Gustin as Rosie in Bulge Bracket

You may also recognize Gigi from her role as “Rosie” in Bulge Bracket on Amazon Prime.  ‘Bulge Bracket‘ is about a young woman who begins her career at a prestigious investment bank only to discover that Wall Street is more ridiculous and sexist than she ever imagined.  I thought I would ask about her character in the series. Gigi says:

Rosie is a gem! She means well and genuinely wants to do a good job. The truth of the matter is she is extremely under-qualified for the position, leaning on her looks, and her uncle to get her by.

Upcoming Project: Horror/Thriller Film: The Retaliators

Finally, we discussed some future projects. Here was her answer.

I will appear alongside Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix in the upcoming horror/thriller The Retaliators in 2021. I have a few other things cookin’ but can’t disclose any information about those projects yet. Stay tuned!

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