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Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with Seyblu. Seyblu is a R&B/Soul Artist who has spent the majority of the past year writing and recording her new EP
“Silk Sessions” that will be available on June 25th. In our interview, we discuss her new singles “Feel It Too” and “26:06“, recording at a cabin up north, working with producer SLWJMZ, a music video coming soon and much more.


“’26:06′ is the second single from the upcoming 2021 EP, Silk Sessions.
“26:06” is a song about longing, written during the first lockdown as she travelled back to Canada from the UK, counting down the 26 hours and 6 minutes until she could see her partner again.
“’Feel It Too’ is the first single from the upcoming 2021 EP, Silk Sessions.
“Based on a romantic evening with my partner, where he put on a beautiful song, lit some candles, and slow-danced with me in my little Queen West apartment in Toronto.”

1. What made you pursue jazz in your teens?

I didn’t want to sing Opera anymore and that’s what I had been trained in until I met a lovely chap named Rob Phillips who’s a wonderful piano player in Peterborough, Ontario. He introduced me to all of the greatest jazz singers and I immediately fell in love and started singing jazz full time.

2. Can you describe the process of creating new singles “Feel It Too” and “26:06”?

So Feel it Too was actually written a few years ago and then we altered the chorus in 2020 for the final version. It was written with my good pals Stu Brignell and my producer SLWJMZ. It’s a song that I think started my evolution from jazz to R&B and really marked that change for me.

26:06 (or twenty-six hours and six minutes) on the other hand happened very quickly in the spring of 2020, when I was in quarantine at my parents house. I was missing my partner like crazy and the song just kinda fell out of me. I adore it so much and feel like it landed exactly where it needed to.

3. Any particular reason why the songs were recorded in a cabin up north?

Being from a small town might have something to do with it, I’m not sure. I feel very comfortable in a secluded environment, in nature, away from city noise. Being in a quiet space allows me to fully relax and be present throughout the recording process. As a performing artist, I’ve struggled with feeling comfortable in the recording studio for many years so I’ve come to recognize that I’m happier in a spot that’s closer to nature. I also recorded it in my hometown, which felt like the right thing to do for my debut EP as Seyblu.

4. What was it like working with producer SLWJMZ (Saukrates, Clear Mortifee, Boy Pape)?

SLWJMZ is like family to me now. He has a way of making space and allowing all of the ideas that need to come up, to just come up and flourish. His energy is so relaxed and our humour styles are similar so it’s a battle to stay composed when he’s cracking jokes and I’m laughing for several minutes at a time!

5. What else can we expect from the upcoming 2021 EP, Silk Sessions?

There’s one somewhat surprising track entitled “Push (interlude)”. It’s a very short, completely vocalized song that I don’t think people have heard from me before. I’ve always recorded tonnes of harmonies on my own, but because they’ve been so hard to perform live, it’s been difficult to bring them to fruition so I’m excited to finally release this tune. And for the last tune on the EP, I think it’s a culmination of what people know me for: jazz & R&B – but done in Seyblu style. I was really inspired by Hiatus Kaiyote for this one. Excited to hear how it makes people feel.

6. Should we expect a music video?

Yes, there’s a music video for 26:06 that I’m premiering on June 11th. In proper Silk Sessions fashion, I’m wearing tonnes of silk in it, dancing slowly in natural environments, and it touches on all of the emotions in the song: longing, loneliness, love-realized, and seclusion. It was a dream to make and I can’t wait for people to experience it.

7. What do you like to do outside of music?

I’ve been helping some folks with social media during the pandemic and I’ve been learning a lot about visuals, so I’ve been diving into graphic design. I’ve been really digging and learning new tools. Also painting and drawing more, which is really fun. You might see some hand-painted merch before the end of the year!
Thanks so much for the feature and please hit me up on social media anytime!

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