February 15, 2021 – Kaviedes releases new EP No Days Off

Kaviedes is a Canadian rapper born in Montreal, Canada.  He was raised in the Island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  He just recently released his new EP ‘No Days Off‘ that he mixed and remastered.  There are 7 songs on it.  His previous single is “Get A Meal”


August 23, 2020 – Interview with Hip Hop Artist Kaviedes

Today on What On What’s Good with Host Jovin Tardif, I am here with hip hop artist Kaviedes. In our interview, topics include musical influences, songwriting, rap battles, his new song “Get A Meal“, and more.

Rising Superstar Kaviedes Drops New Single “GET A MEAL”

1. Tell us how your uncle influenced your decision to be a musician.

My uncle Fireman Hooper was one of the first people I saw actually writing songs. He had notebooks full of songs. At some point, he had a big buzz around the country and after seeing a few of his performances I knew I wanted to do this. But one thing he used to do was during his songwriting process he would let me and 2 other cousins perform certain parts of the song as if we’re his backup singers. During that time, I decided to try my hands at songwriting too, a lot of parodies, and eventually started coming up with my own melodies and flow. Never stop ever since.

2. Describe how you started songwriting in genres such as Soca and Dancehall.

In the Caribbean, Soca and Dancehall are the two genres that are most popular and gets the most response, it’s our music and speaks about the Caribbean culture. So automatically as an aspiring artist you’ll start writing or doing these genres as you’re trying to get a response. As a kid, I was writing a lot of dancehall songs sometimes 10 a week. I have a bunch of old CDs with dancehall songs I recorded. Soca I got serious about it late, in 2017 I had a song called All Day featuring my uncle Fireman Hooper, it got tremendous love and radio play. My team and I decided that we will do more soca songs. Issa vibe

3. What was it like doing freestyle rap battles in High School?

It was fun but serious at the same time. Everyone wanted to be the King or the best. Definitely help push you to think quicker, be wittier and competition is always good it brings out the best in everyone. Even right now I’m still ready to spit. Some of the other guys still do music today too.

4. How did mixtapes by G-unit inspire you?

When I first started music, we sang over mainstream artist instrumentals or as we say in the Caribbean, ‘riddims’. So I had an uncle who went to New York. When he came back, he brought Hip Hop CDs. So as I started listening to the G-unit tapes I realized they were doing the same thing as me so I started studying their music. I like 50 energy and Lloyd banks punchlines. They had so much music at the time, it pushes me to do more songs and come up with more ‘sick’ bars.

5. Tell us about your new single ‘Get A Meal’.

Get a Meal is a song that reflects on my upbringing. In the islands, there is a term eat food where is it’s like you gain money from work. The song might have a different meaning to the audience depending on where you grew. When I was living in Saint Vincent, I came from poverty so we had to learn to make use of whatever little we had. Also, the area I grew up in was known for marijuana cultivation, that’s what sent us to school, pay the bills and more. So with the law on you and you have all this responsibility it is still a struggle but when you have success at it, everyone around you eats. Now I wrote the song in a way where even if you’re not from that upbringing that you can still relate because people get up daily to work hard to feed their families and take off their own responsibilities too. On your worst day, you can listen to this song and continue to push towards your goal or just get through the day. It’s motivation.

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