Interview with actress and writer Limor Markovzki

Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with actress and writer Limor Markovzi.  Fun fact:  We met at the Open World Toronto Film Festival 2019.(OWTFF).  One of her mottos is to work hard and lead with love and kindness. In our interview, we discuss her training with Miriam Laurence and Allan Guttman, her experience at Second City and Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto, the one-woman show “1+3=ME”, and more.

Actress and writer Limor Markovzki
Limor Markovzki in short film ‘Landro

1. Tell us about your training with Miriam Laurence and Allan Guttman? What did it entail?

The training at William Esper Studio was a fantastic experience. The training was a 2-year program. It was an excellent experience that allowed me to learn Meisner starting from the very beginning using The Repetition exercise. The whole point of this is to work off of your fellow actor moment by moment. Truly listening. Meaning the actor is working off of there impulses moment to moment. Changes and shifts occur organically through the Repetition. This exercise allows scene partners to work off of each other without any preconceived ideas. It builds from there. Repetition and listening in the moment are the basis of Meisner. The Actor’s Art and Craft by William Esper is a fantastic book that explains the first year at William Esper Studio. I recommend going for the Summer program. The School has shorter sessions, or you can do the 2-year program.

I also loved NY for all of the theatres. I saw Broadway shows with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams, Mark Rylance, Laurie Metcalfe, Judith Light. The list is endless. The energy in NY is phenomenal.

2. How was your experience at Second City and Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto?

My training at Second City Toronto and Bad Dog theatre was so much fun. Like Meisner you are working off the other performer improvising crafting fun little scenes. Interesting, truthful moments. I enjoyed all of the exercises we did in the classes. They allowed us to play with each other and be free in the moments. One thing that is, also important is seeing Improv learn from it. Comedy Bar, Bad Dog Theatre, Second City are fantastic places to watch and learn. There are also groups on Facebook to join. So much fun!

3. Can you tell us about your one-woman show “1+3=ME”?

1+3=ME was a Fringe show I wrote. It was a one-person show talking about the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. Growing up and dealing with friends who have been sexually assaulted, Crushes, drunk driving, fitting in, and savouring friendships from a young age. The character I played Aylia Smith looks back on her life at situations and how they shape us. The influence they have as we grow up. The relationships we hold onto, or not. Personally, I remember situations with friends from my childhood.

4. What type of characters do you typically like playing?

The types of characters I play range from caring, consoling people to mean, angry people. I have worked in comedy and drama and alk I really want us great writing that intrigues me. The genre is irrelevant. If it talks to my heart that is all want.

5. Just for fun. Can you describe one of your theatre experiences where you were mesmerized by the talent?

I was very mesmerized by the play Pass Over at Buddies and Bad Times It was a play about, racism, homelessness, poverty, how the police treat POC, being stuck in a system and not being able to get out. The work that all the actors did leave me wanting more. The show was heartbreaking to watch and poetically beautiful.

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