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Today on What On What’s Good with Host Jovin Tardif, I am here with Massimo Dobrovic. He is an actor who also has his own wine company called Massimo Wines. Dobrovic is in the show “Age of the Living Dead” and “Nation’s Fire” movie. In our interview, we discuss his training, his roles in television and movies, and much more.

Massimo Dobrovic from
Massimo Dobrovic from “Age of the Living Dead” and Nation’s Fire movie. Owner of Massimo Wines. Photo of Massimo Dobrovic in Age of the Living Dead (2018)

1. Tell us about your training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts?

The years at the Academy were by far the best years of my life. We had the best instructors and professors.  We even learned from working professionals in the industry.

For example: Donna Pescow took all Academy students to the dress rehearsal of Will & Grace.  One day before taping day, the cast and crew treated us like King and Queens. They made breakfast and lunch for 200 students.  I had the opportunity to chat with director Jim Burrows.

Patty Jenkins was one of our guest-teachers in 2004/2005. This was the same year she directed Charlize Theron in Monster.

Karen Hensel from the Young and the Restless and Psycho III.

Betty Karlen from the original cast of FAME or Tim Landfield from The Last Ship and the Politician.

I graduated when I wasn’t even 21 years old.

2. Describe your background in theatre and how you shifted to Television and Film.

Becoming a member of the National Theater at age 12 has gifted me with the possibility to perform in over fifty plays around the world. When I turned 16 I was picked to represent my country at one of the 17 prestigious united world colleges of the world. The UWC organization is also my main charity. I’ve created an IB approved in film, and media BA, which combined with an MFA, would complete my education toward pursuing a career as a university professor.

Traveling around the world on many different theater tours, as well as working on tv and movie sets going from Australia to Asia, all the way to every European country, passing through the Americas, has brought me the fortune to develop an extensive acting career in Europe and the United States.

3. Who would you say are some of your mentors and why?

Depending on which kind of mentors, I have to thank the “divine” for still graciously escorted me to my house and all my personal collaborators. They never urged me to make a decision right away, which was impossible for me, considering the current situation. Other important mentors that I feel deserve an honorable mention are: My reps (including lawyers, CPA, etc.) Brenda Beck and Bof Corff (dialect coaches) Donna Pescow (acting instructor and audition coach), John Griffiths (Galeca President, Emmy Magazine Founder, Tv, and film critic) Cary Berman (former head of commercial at William Morris), Robin Lippin (former Aaron Spelling, casting director), and Teresa Razzauti (casting director for LuxVide).

4. You have several hobbies and sports that you enjoy. Can you tell us about them?

Before the pandemic hit us hard, I used to practice four different sports/activities a week, twice a week I would play tennis, being ranked 4.5 USTA, two or three times a week I would work out at the gym, once a week I would practice Yoga outdoor and once a week I would play beach-volley. To make a long story short, I went from four sports a week, to none and other than working and studying remotely, I have been preoccupying my brain with possible thoughts to hit the tennis courts as soon as they reopen again.

5. Can you tell us about your role in “Age of the Living Dead”

Age of the Living Dead is an extraordinary tv-series about incredible supernatural creatures fighting the other species. I play Marcus, and he is the emperor of all vampires. He is the descendant from the original bloodline of all vampires. The story involves humans providing vampires on the opposite coast with a compulsory, weekly blood donation. Eventually, the humans manage to re-arm and plan a nuclear strike on the vampires as a final strategy to end the war.

The series shot in LA,  It was my second project with Estella Warren after our movie Nocturna where we both played vampires. We love working together.

6. Describe your role in “Nation’s Fire” movie.

Working on Nation’s Fire was a life-changing experience for me for many reasons. Before starting shooting Nation’s Fire, I was living in the SoCal desert, and I took a break from the busy Hollywood life and tried to settle into a more peaceful life. I guess I needed that time to enjoy the desert where I prepared for the role of a serial killer and acted along with great actor Gil Bellows, playing his right hand in the movie. The SoCal desert nature inspired me to create that character while I was off-roading and memorizing lines, thinking how grateful, thankful, and most of all, how fortunate I was to be in a movie with such acting legends as Bruce Dern; to be directed by one of our most talented indie Hollywood directors.

Nations Fire is a movie that will catch your attention right away because it’s a unique story. During the entire shoot, I felt like one of my main dreams came true to act alongside acting legends Bruce Dern and Mr. Bellows (who is also a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts). I have to admit that the way we work on set and we approach a character, we were very much in synch.

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