Interview with singer, rapper, dancer, and producer Planet 12 LAW

Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with singer, rapper, dancer, producer L*A*W. As a fan of all kinds of genres of music, I was pleased to have a quick conversation with him. Fun fact: Planet 12 LAW is the grandson of the legendary Blues artist Sam “Bluzman” Taylor & Nephew of Legendary Gospel Music Pioneer Professor Charles Taylor. Today, in our interview, we discussed his musical family, the instruments he plays, his experience being the backing band for comedian Sinbad’s sold-out shows at The Nokia Theatre in NYC, and much more.

1. Give us a bit of insight into your musical family, how you started, and how you got into the business

I grew up in a very musical famous family that was already making waves in Gospel, Blues & R&B. I began singing at 3. At the age of 5, I was playing drums & guitar. At 7, I did my 1st professional gig and began making my way through the ranks performing in nightclubs with my legendary grandfather Sam Bluzman Taylor & uncles on the east & west coast.

2. Can you describe the different instruments that you play and when you learned them growing up? Do you have a favorite instrument?

I play everything except for horns. I started on drums but then gravitated towards the guitar. Later I learned Bass, Keys, xylophone & Harmonica. The guitar is my favorite.

3. Discuss the process of creating ‘You Build Me up” for the independent movie ‘We are the Hartmans’?

I had this serious P-Funk groove that I had recorded at George Clinton’s house that I was gonna use for my album so when Laura Newman asked me if I had any songs or tracks to submit for the movie, I played that one and she loved it and began writing lyrics to it. I brought my band in to re-record the song with the feel and new arrangement which was more rewarding because we are in the movie as the band.

4. Discuss the different genres of music you play. Can you describe your voice?

My main genres are Funk-Rock, Hip-Hop & R&B but with added Pop, Blues, Jazz & Country textures to make sure that all bases are covered. Voice-wise, I’m what you call a “Floating” tenor. Depending on the mood, style, or feel of a song, I can go from a falsetto 1st tenor to a natural regular baritone voice.

5. Can you tell us about your experience being the backing band for comedian Sinbad’s sold-out shows at the Nokia Theatre in NYC? Any fun stories?

AMAZING & INCREDIBLE experience working with my long-time friend! I was always a die-hard Sinbad fan as he is in my top 5 comedians so this was another one of those dreams come true rewarding situations. The most fun story was him letting us rock out on stage at Nokia when he ended his stand-up. The security was trying to escort everyone out but they didn’t wanna go. They were dancing in the aisles feeling the impact of the groove we were throwing down and we literally kept playing until everyone had finally cleared out LOL

6. Do you have any projects coming up soon?

In addition to the legendary Jellybean Johnson’s upcoming “Get Experienced” album in which I’m featured on 2 songs. I also have 2 EP’s, 2 Mixtapes & a double album all coming out before 2020 ends. Plan to release the 1st single “Gimme That Soul Music” from my “Mega Dope Maniac” EP soon.

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