Interview with Singer Roxanne Luciano

Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with musical artist Roxanne Luciano.  Her new Caribbean fused hip-hop single “Rich Rich” is out now.  In our interview, we discuss her new track, musical influences, getting a degree in business management and much more.


1. Can you tell a little about your musical family

Music has been in my family since before I was born. When I was younger my dad would bring me into the studio to record me singing on my birthday invitations. lol. I’ve got a great team of people around me that I have been watching and learning from since I was a child, who are still in the music industry, still being influences to myself and others. Without saying too much, I can say my musical family is super lit and super legendary.

2. Some of your musical influences include Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Lil Wayne and MIA. Can you tell us a favourite song from each artist and why?

Timbaland – The Way I Are : It’s pretty self explanatory… I don’t care about your money or your fame. If I like you it’s because of who you are & if you like me it should be because of who I am.

Missy Elliot – Get Your Freak On : That song is and will always be a favorite for me because of her confidence in that song and the video was absolutely bananas! That song is like ” Look, I’m right here in your face. I am the hottest and if you didn’t know then now you do. Period!”

Lil Kim – The Jump Off : The song is just so sexy, so rich, so fierce. Lil Kim never cared what people thought. She’s such a rebel and
sexy. Iconic.

Lil Wayne – There are way too many favorites from this man. Recent, Mona Lisa…The song is just ridiculously well thought out. lol Past songs, A Milli…Wayne is just a lyrical genius that always brings fire.

MIA – Paper Planes : This song and the video are both incredible and MIA’s style to me is so dope. This will always be my favorite song from her.

3. What is it like working with legendary Tony Mercedes?

The man is incredible. A living legend and he needs his roses while he’s still here with us. He pushes me to the over the limit
sometimes and I need that. He brings out the best in artists and I am incredibly grateful to be working with him. When I think about who’s the G.O.A.T., I think Tony Mercedes.

4. What was it like developing new single RichRich? Can you tell us about your experience in the studio?

To be honest, it was a lot of hard work but music has been my dream all of my life. Dealing with extreme anxiety, this was an opportunity for me to finally be free, at least when it comes to my music. Thanks to God and my team I feel like in this music world, I don’t have to be afraid. Working in the studio to me is therapeutic. It is not easy but the studio is my outlet to create art that I never thought I’d build the courage to do, and that’s something to be proud of.

5. How are your studies going in Business Management?

EXHAUSTING! lol But it’s all worth it. I am so happy to be in school working towards getting my Business degree. Education is so
important to me.

6. Can you tell us a bit about your food business idea?

Cooking has always been a passion of mine ever since I was little. (Thanks to both of my grandmothers) For me, cooking is therapy, so I decided to come up with a food business called Her Tastes of L.A. It is still in the works but it’s coming soon!

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