Interview with Stone Senate frontman Clint Woolsey

Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with Stone Senate.  Stone Senate is a five-piece rock band based in Nashville, TN.  The frontman of the group is lead vocalist/guitarist Clint Woolsey.  Other band members include Clinton Woolsey (lead vocals, guitar), James Edwards (lead guitar), Ted Hennington (lead guitar).  We also have Paul Zettler (bass, vocals) and David Zettler (drums, vocals).  The band has been together since 2012.  Their latest single is Slow Crusade that is available now.  Their previous release is Whiskey Helps.


1. You are fans of Waylon Jennings, ZZ Top, Grateful Dead, George Strait, The Band, The Doors, and The Stones. Can you tell us your favourite song from each artist and why?

I know that’s a wide variety of influences, but we all love each of those bands/artists for different reasons. We play songs from each of these artists/bands live, along with our originals.

2. What was it like working with Vance Powell and Eddie Spear on your first studio record?

Working with Vance and Eddie on our first record was an absolute blast! We actually recorded and mixed it in about a week.

We had been playing those songs live and in rehearsal for a few years. It was easy to get in there and play them a few times and keep the best take.

Vance and Eddie are amazing guys.  They had some really cool ideas to add to the music.

3. You have performed over 500 shows throughout the US in the last few years. What would you say was your favourite moment and why?

It’s tough to choose one moment or show, all of them have been very special to us all. I guess the bigger shows and stages are always a treat to play. We played the Whiskey A GoGo in LA.

In 2019, we opened for Styx and Collective Soul at The Buffalo Chip in Sturgis SD during bike week. That was pretty Rockin!

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