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Today on What On What’s Good with Host Jovin Tardif, I am here with The Ellameno Beat.  The Ellameno Beat is a band led and produced by multi-instrumentalist Reggie Froom.  Other members include James Rosenblit (drums), Dylon Hixon (bass), and Walker Brantingham (keyboards).  Their previous album in 2017 is “Surface”.  In our interview, we discuss how they met, touring, musical influences, working with Greg Calbi, their new single Break Through, and much more.


1. Tell us a little about the members of the group.  How did you meet?

All 4 of us grew up together in Jensen Beach, FL, and love to surf.

Jimmy and I met in 5th-grade band and have been buds ever since. In high school, we both made the drumline and took it really seriously. When I made the decision to form a band to start playing my productions live, I knew who to call to play drums!

Walker was the best friend of my buddy’s little brother at the time. He was always hanging around and loved to jam. He could shred on any instrument he touched it seemed, so when his 7th-grade band kicked him out, I called him and asked if he wanted to play keys for The Ellameno Beat.

It took some convincing to get his mom to allow him to play bars and clubs with us in the early days.

Dylon showed up when we put the word out that we were looking for a bass player in the very beginning. He didn’t even play bass at the time, but we knew he was talented from all the years we spent surfing together (he rips.) He caught on really quick, and we stuck with him! As for me, I’ve been obsessed with composing music since I was very young, and always wanted to be in a band with my friends. I feel lucky to still be doing it today.

2. Tell us about the band name ‘The Ellameno Beat’.

I will never forget; there was a kid in 1st grade that got all bent out of shape when the teacher told him that “LMNO” wasn’t one big fancy letter. That was always so funny to me. When I was searching for a name for myself as a musician other than my own given name, I was kind of joking around with the idea of using “Ellameno” spelled out somehow. I told that story to my friend, and unbelievably talented bass player, Dave Richards, and he instantly suggested I put the word “Beat” or “Beats” at the end, thus “The Ellameno Beat” was born! Thanks, Dave.

3. What do you miss about touring?

Connection. Getting to know friends and fans out on the road that support us means so much to us.

4. Your first full-length album, Surface was released in 2017. How would you describe your sound today?

I like to describe The Ellameno Beat’s sound today as having a roots-inspired rhythmic foundation, with a psychedelic, explorative sonic house built on top!

5. What was it like working with GRAMMY Award-winning mastering engineer Greg Calbi?

Greg was amazing! Can’t say I wasn’t a little nervous answering the phone when he called me on mastering day.  While being expertly attentive and thorough, Greg helped me finalize my vision for the master, and executed! I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with an engineer of his caliber that can ultimately preserve all of the subtleties and character I tirelessly work to create in the mix throughout the whole mastering process.

6. Who are some of your musical influences. Can you tell us a favourite track from each artist and why?

Beck – “Paper Tiger” There’s a feeling he created in the production of that song I’ve never felt before. It’s amazing. The song opens up into the chorus and you just feel like you’re flying or something. Gets me every time.

Michael Nau – “Funny In Real Life” This guy is an amazing songwriter. He’s got a way of making everything feel effortless. Funny In Real Life fires me up to sing and experiment with harmonies. Can’t wait until I get to see that song live!

Clinton Fearon – “Feelin’ The Same” This one has a beautiful, selfless, and important message. And, the whole vibe of the track reminds me of Seattle where my family is from. It sets my mind at ease every time I hear it and puts me in the mood to write.

7. Any other plans for 2020/21?

MORE MUSIC! With the current state of things, I’m hunkered down in my studio and planning to release a bunch of the stuff I’ve been working on. Stay tuned.

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