Interview with Shawn Meehan from Trigger Mafia

Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am talking to Shawn Meehan.  He is one of the founders of Trigger Mafia.  In our interview, we discuss musical influences, stories about touring, how the group came together, songwriting, and how they are trying to change the world through music.  The band’s first single ‘Find a Better Way‘ is now available.


1. You picked up the guitar at seven. What artists inspired you growing up and why?

At first, it was my stepdad. He played guitar and had this massive album collection. Then a few years later somebody played Eruption by Van Halen and that made me want to be a pro lead player!

2. Any fun memories while touring?

So many! Touring and playing live is my favorite thing to do, especially at major festivals as we had the opportunity to play to huge crowds and hang out with the headliners. Looking forward to getting back on the road when it’s safe to do so.

3. How did the group ‘Trigger Mafia’ come together?

Rod Senft (drums), Jay Wittur (bass) and myself had been playing in another band and when the pandemic hit we weren’t able to play with the other members of that other band. So the three of us started jamming and writing. Karl Oystensen (keyboard) joined a few months later. The rest is history.

4. Tell us a little about the development of the song ‘Find a Better Way’. Describe what it was like writing the song.

We had already recorded a few songs while watching the chaos going on in the US, on the news, on social media, etc. We felt concerned and helpless so we decided to write a song about how we felt about the current political climate. My stepdad once told me, when you have a hard time processing your emotions, put it in the songs. So that’s what we did.

5. What can we expect in future songs? Will there be any specific messages? Any news on release dates?

We’re working on a collection of songs that examine different aspects of human relations and behaviors. We consciously don’t write about sex, drugs, and rock and roll [laughs]. We try to go a bit deeper. As for release dates, we don’t have those set in stone yet, but check out our website and follow us on Facebook (@TriggerMafia), and Twitter (@mafia_trigger) for upcoming news

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