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Today On What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with Actor Tristan Riggs. The Texas native, Riggs, latest role is in the independent horror film, “The Seventh Day”, starring opposite Guy Pearce and Stephen Lang. “The Seventh Day” is now available in select theatres and On-Demand. Other film roles include Scare Package, Blood Fest, and Thunder Road.


1. When did you first get into acting?

I got into acting through theater at my school and through working on some local student films. In theater, I was in The Wizard of Oz as the Cowardly Lion and had my first singing solo. That was fun. I also had roles in E-I E-I Oops!, Aesop Fables, and others. Later I signed with an agent and started booking commercials and then films and TV projects.

2. What sort of films do you like to watch and why?

I watch a lot of different films and TV series. I really love films like Forrest Gump because the story is just so good. I also really love Stranger Things.

3. Can you tell us about your latest role in the upcoming terrifying exorcism film, “The Seventh Day”?

In The Seventh Day, I play Nicholas Miller, who is a kid who is possessed. There are two exorcists that come to perform an exorcism on Nicholas and that does not go very well, and leaves Father Peter (Guy Pearce) scarred for life. This event makes him go on to become a renowned exorcist and to begin to train other exorcists which sets up the plot of the film.

4. What was it like starring in a film with Guy Pearce and Stephen Lang?

It was a lot of fun to work on this film and to work with such great actors. I worked a lot with Keith David for my scenes because he plays Father Louis, who is Father Peter’s mentor as a young priest. It is great working with strong actors like that because you can learn a lot from them because they are so experienced. It really made me want to work hard and just really show up and deliver as an actor.

5. Outside of filming you love skateboarding. Can you tell us about your latest tricks?

One of my latest tricks that I have learned is a varial kickflip off a drop or ledge. I am also dropping into the bowl and being able to fly out and do grabs and can almost land a 180 fly out. I really like skating bowls and I am lucky because we have some amazing skateparks around Austin. I am also super excited because I just got a new Baker skateboard that I can’t wait to skate on.

6. Do you have a dream role? What would it be and why?

My dream role would be a role in an action film like a Marvel project. I love doing my own stunts and a project like that is sure to have plenty of opportunities to do stunts.

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