Fear (Forget Everything and Run) with Marci Miller and Jason Tobias

Fear is an action/horror/thriller film. The directors and writers of the movie are Geoff Resiner and Jason Tobias.



  • Marci Miller (Sinister Savior, Children of the Corn: Runaway) as Josephine ‘Joe’ Allister, the mother
  • Jason Tobias (Downrange, The Competition, The Unravelling, Ocean’s Rising, Most Likely to Die, David and Goliath) as Ethan Allister, the father
  • Danny Ruiz (Mighty Oak) as Josh Allister
  • Cece Kelly (Big Freaking Rat, Through the Glass Darkly, Nation’s Fire) as Mia Allister
  • Susan Moore Harmon as Desiree Morrow
  • Justin Dray as Lincoln Morrow (Boost, Ad Astra)
  • James Schuler as Bar Musician
  • Denver Isaac as Avery Dennison
  • Ivana Rojas as Mary Costa
  • Ray Fonseca as Clint Mayer


Hunters get hunted. The movie is set in the desolate regions of Pacific Northwest. A young family faces a group of bandits who steal the last of their supplies. With time running out, they must form an alliance with the outlaws to protect their children.

Release date

The film is currently available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The movie will be available on DVD and Digital June 15 from New Era Entertainment.

Other notes

The Runtime for the film is 97 minutes.

The situation and surroundings changed Ethan (Jason Tobias). In the flashbacks we learn he is very light hearted and care free. In this environment however, he comes off as a tough father. He’s trying to show his son how to fend for himself. He wants to ensure that his son has the skills necessary to survive. Ethan decisions are heavily weighted not on his own self-preservation, but that of his family. He protects others and those he cares about.

Joe (Marci Miller) wants to ensure the survival and safety of her family.

Desiree (Susan Moore Harmon) has similar intentions as Joe but from her own point of view.

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