Antidote starring Ashlynn Yennie and Louis Mandylor

Antidote is a horror and thriller film. The director of the film is Peter Daskaloff.


Ashlynn Yennie (The Human Centipede) as Sharyn Berkley
Louis Mandylor (Rambo : Last Blood) as Dr. Aaron Hellenbach
Scott Alin as Nico Cash
Victoria Bellos as Paramedic
Joe Corzo as Doctor
Ken Del Conte as Blind Man
Sady Diallo as Patient
Augie Duke as Cassandra
Evan Faunce as Doctor Caraway
Olive Bernadette Hoffman as Ashley
Yorgos Karamihos as Costas
Konstantinos Lachanas as Dr. Martinez
Ashley Miers as Doctor
Joshua Edward Moore as Delivery Guy
Ravi Naidu as Everett
Yiannis Photinos as Nurse
Elli Rahn as Hector
Alexi Stavrou as Lester
Christos Vasilopoulos as Rizzo
Gina Venditti as Doctor Tylor
Jeremy S. Walker as Dr. Phillip Merritt

Other notes

Producers – Peter Daskaloff and Matt Toronto

Screenwriter – Peter Daskaloff

Express Review

It’s a pretty decent thriller/horror movie.

I thought Ashlynn Yennie who played Sharyn Berkley played an excellent vulnerable character. You were rooting for her to try to escape this situation.

The performance by Louis Mandylor as the villain was great.

The film starts off with Sharyn Berkley who is admitted into a hospital for an emergency surgery. When she wakes up from the procedure, she’s find herself in a very strange medical institution with other individuals. At the underground medical facility these individuals are being tortured and healed using an antidote. The question is, why are they there and why were they picked? Will Sharyn be able to escape this asylum or will the punishment continue?

If you like horror and thriller films, I really recommend this movie.

Release date

The movie will be available on May 11 on On Demand and DVD.

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