The War with Grandpa

The War with Grandpa is a family comedy film. It is based on the award-winning book by Robert Kimmel Smith.  The director is Tim Hill with a screenplay by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember.


The producers include Marvin Peart, p.g.a, Rosa Morris Peart, p.g.a, Phillip Glasser, p.g.a.


Robert De Niro as Ed Marino
Oakes Fegley as Peter Decker
Uma Thurman as Sally Marino-Decker
Rob Riggle as Arthur Decker
Laura Marano as Mia Decker
Poppy Gagnon as Jenny Decker
Cheech Marin as Danny
Christopher Walken as Jerry
Jane Seymour as Diane
Juliocesar Chavez as Billy
Isaac Kragten as Steve
T.J. McGibbon as Emma
Colin Ford as Russell
Joe Gelchion as Chuck
Faizon Love as David
Rutanya Alda as Lynn Marino.
Kendrick Cross as Insurance Adjuster.
Drew Scheid as the 8th Grade Monster


The story revolves around a six-grader, Peter.  He is pretty much your average kid.  He likes gaming and hanging with his friends. However, things change when his recently widowed grandfather Ed moves in his family.  The boy has to give up his bedroom. He devises a series of outrageous pranks in an attempt to make him move out.  But grandpa fights back with some pranks of his own some help from his friends (Danny and Jerry). Soon, the friendly combatants are engaged in an all-out war with side-splitting consequences.

Director Tim Hill discusses “War with Grandpa”

There’s a John Hughes quality to it I suppose.  It’s a fun movie for everybody with some deeper meaning. It doesn’t pander to kids, and it doesn’t go above their heads.

Producer Rosa Peart discusses “War with Grandpa”

This is a movie for the whole family—Grandma, Grandpa, parents, kids. You don’t have to worry about covering your kid’s eyes. You can just sit back and enjoy.

Release Date

It is scheduled to be released on October 9, 2020.

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