charlotte young praying for rain

Music Review: Charlotte Young

UK Country singer-songwriter new single ‘Praying for Rain’

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Singer/Songwriter Charlotte Young set to release new song ‘Praying for Rain’

Charlotte Young is a country singer-songwriter from Birmingham, UK. Young’s single ‘Whiplash’ reached #1 in the UK Country iTunes Chart and her debut EP ‘Blown Away’ reached #1 in the UK Country iTunes Album Chart.  Her latest single ‘Praying for Rain’ is set to be released on Friday, November 20, 2020.   Today, I had the opportunity to listen to the song and write an express review below.

Fun fact: ‘Praying for Rain’ was inspired by an episode of One Tree Hill.

Charlotte Young Praying for Rain
Chart-topping country singer-songwriter Charlotte Young releases will be releasing new single ‘Praying for Rain’ on Friday, November 20

Quote from Charlotte Young regarding the new single

I wanted to write something from the perspective of one of the characters…I know how upsetting it can be during a breakup and rewrote the verses into a story’.

After such an exciting year I am really looking forward to releasing my brand new single. I wanted to show my love for a power ballad and hope that everyone enjoys something that incorporates familiarity but with something new and my own spin on love and loss…

Express Review

You can really hear the emotions of pain and sadness in this song. Great voice.
I particularly enjoyed the sound of rain at the beginning of the track.

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