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Listening to music on this beautiful Friday.  New Music and Quick Review for July 3, 2020. Artists include Dream Wife (So When You Gonna....), Honne (No Song Without You), Bury Tomorrow (Cannibal) and Paul Weller (On Sunset). 
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New Music and Quick Reviews for July 3, 2020

Listening to music on this beautiful Friday. New Music and Quick Review for July 3, 2020. Artists include Dream Wife (So When You Gonna….), Honne (No Song Without You), Bury Tomorrow (Cannibal), and Paul Weller (On Sunset).

Dream Wife (Artist)

Lucky Number (Label)
So When You Gonna… (Album)
@dreamwifemusic (Twitter) @dreamwifeband (Instagram) #sowhenyougonna

Dream Wife is a London-based band. Their sound is a mixture of punk rock, pop music and indie rock. The band consists of Rakel Mjöll (lead vocals), Alice Go (guitar, vocals), and Bella Podpadec (bass, vocals) Today, I checked out their latest album So When You Gonna… (2020). Tracklist includes Sports!, Hasta La Vista,
Homesick, Validation, Temporary, U Do U, Rh Rn, Old Flame, So When You Gonna…, Hold on Me, After the Rain

New Music Quick Review

Very easy-going album to listen to. Vocals were great on all the songs. Now on #whatonwhatsgood #Ucanonlypick1 from the “So When You Gonna…” (2020) album I choose…My choice is “RH RN”
Let us know your favourite.


Honne (Artist)

Tatemae, Atlantic (Label)
No Song Without You (Album)
@hellohonne (Twitter) @hellohonne (Instagram) #nosongwithoutyou

Honne is an English electronic music duo. It consists of James Hatcher (producer) and Andy Clutterbuck (singer, producer). Listening to No Song without you album. Songs include dear p, no song without, free love, iloveyoumorethanicansay, by my side, la la la that’s how it goes, one way to Tokyo, can’t bear to be without you, loving you is so easy socialdistancing, lines on our faces, gone gone gone, our love will never die, smile more smile more smile more

New Music Quick Review

Mellow type of music on this album. Perfect for after work. Had my earphones on and enjoyed the different sounds around the vocals. #whatonwhatsgood #Ucanonlypick1 from the “So When You Gonna…” (2020) album I pick…la la la that’s how it goes
What’s your favourite?


Bury Tomorrow (Artist)

Music For Nations (Label)
Cannibal (Album)
@burytomorrow (Twitter) @burytomorrow (Instagram) #Cannibal

Bury Tomorrow is a British metalcore band. The band consists of lead vocalist Daniel Winter-Bates, rhythm guitarist and singer Jason Cameron, bassist Davyd Winter-Bates, drummer Adam Jackson and lead guitarist Kristan Dawson. Cannibal is the 6th album by Bury Tomorrow. Tracks include Choke, Cannibal, The Grey (VIXI), Imposter, Better Below, The Agonist Quake, Gods & Machines, Voice & Truth, Cold Sleep, Dark, Infinite.

New Music Quick Review

Cool guitar sounds on this album. Probably would be headbanging to this music if I still had my long hair from my youth. #whatonwhatsgood #Ucanonlypick1 from the “Cannibal” (2020) album…I’ll choose “Cannibal”
Tell us your favourite?


Paul Weller (artist)

Polydor (label)
On Sunset (album)
@paulwellerHQ (Twitter) @paulwellerhq (Instagram) #onsunset

Paul Weller is an English singer-songwriter and musician. Genre is punk rock, new wave, mod revival, blue-eyed soul. On Sunset is the 15th studio album. Tracks include Mirror Ball, Baptiste, Old Father Tyme, Village, More, On Sunset, Equanimity, Walkin’, Earth Beat, Rockets, 4th Dimension, Ploughman, I’ll Think of Something, On Sunset (Orchestral mix), “Baptiste (Instrumental)”

New Music Quick Review

Really liked all the songs on this album. Picturing myself driving down the highway with the rooftop down and listening to these songs #whatonwhatsgood #Ucanonlypick1 from the “On Sunset” (2020) album…I like “More”
Let us know your thoughts.

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