Angels of Dresden Latest Single “The Criminal”

Angels of Dresden (AOD) Latest Single "The Criminal"

AOD is a musical collective built around the vocals of Brad Sinsel (TKO).  Other members include Mike McCready (Pearl Jam),  Steve Gainer (AOD), Jessika Van (MTV show Awkward).  You also have Carl Canedy (The Rods) on drums and Krys Baratto (Great White) on bass.


Angels of Dresden (AOD)

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Statement from lead singer Brad Sinsel about "The Criminal"

The Criminal is my top favorite AOD song.  Having Mike McCready on board is always great, but especially when adding Jessika, Steve, Carl, and Krys. We're not genre specific by obvious design, I’m at my best coloring outside of the lines.

SOON recordings President Tori Kyes Statement

If there was ever a band that could thrive in a pandemic, it's Angels of Dresden.

It's always amazing to see these legends come together from all over the world, especially with Mike McCready's special touch on Brad's musical direction. The team at SOON is proud to support the resurgence of rock 'n roll.

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