Arsenal Mills releases new single “Cry No More”

Arsenal Mills is a 4-piece rock n’ roll band from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
The Band Members include Brad Milligan (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Griff Arsenault (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Josh MacNeil (Drums/Percussion) and André U (Bass/Keys/Synth).

Today, they release new single “Cry No More“.

Arsenal Mills discusses new single “Cry No More”

Brad Milligan

“Cry No More came together very naturally, Griff brought this big sing-along chorus to me that he’d been working on, and in only a short time we had all the music and lyrics written out”

“I love that we’re never afraid to try new things sonically. We needed a bigger production and our new producer Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions) helped us get the sound we were searching for. It was easily my favourite time in the studio to date, I just felt such a rush of creativity”

“Cry No More has this infectious driving beat, I was listening to a lot of early 80’s New Wave at the time and you can definitely hear the influence on this song”

Griffen Arsenault

“We walked into the studio with a vision, and I feel like we achieved what we planned to do. A big drum sound, big vocals and a ripping solo. I’m more than happy to be able to share this song with the world”

“I remember everyone in studio at the time was dancing along to the song while recording, that was such a good indication of how fun this song is”

Josh Macneil

“As far as drums and percussion go, this was the first time that we decided to mix live and sample drums in a song and I couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out”

“I love how punchy and quick it is, it doesn’t mess around and just gets straight to the point”

“I feel that Cry No More is a great example of our versatility and shows what we’re capable of stylistically”

André U

“This song has been in my head literally since the day I first heard it. It definitely has that ‘earworm’ quality”

“Every single time that first kick drum hits, I get the same feeling. Pure Nostalgia”

“The rhythm is fairly straightforward, but there are a few little cool twists. In my opinion it only makes the song that much easier to listen to over and over again”

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