Vancouver/Toronto’s AVRY releases new single “Back to You”

Canadian pop singer Avry (AKA Connor Anderson) releases debut music video ”Back to You”.


His previous releases include singles “Close to Me” (2020) and “Running Dance” (2020).

Before starting his solo career, Avry was — and still is — part of the Canadian music trio 4.0.4, along with group members Noah and Memblem.

Avry wrote all of the lyrics and the vocal arrangement.

To help complete the song, he enlisted Canadian producer Chris Stiliadis.

Quote from Avry about the new single

Back to you was originally just an instrumental that I was listening to by a producer named Chiara in the passenger seat of my friend’s jeep in the summer. I had a topline made already a minute into the instrumental and headed to the studio that night.

This is one of the most natural songs I have ever made, the lyrics came so quickly and naturally. After it was originally done, Chris Stiliadis added crazy post-production bringing the song to the next level and doing a great mix and master on the track as well.

After the release, I met up with a photographer in Vancouver named Muni. He shot the video on a rooftop in Gastown. The vibe was great.

Then Chris edited the video and created the lyric video. This song is a great representation of the summer in Vancouver as well as in Toronto and the carefree life we were trying to live among all this craziness. 

Next steps for me involve focusing on a debut project as I have been working on one for quite some time now. I am excited for what this year has to offer!

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