Beth Hirsch Releases New Album ‘Love Is For Everyone – LIFE’

Looking for some mellow music? Today, American singer and songwriter Beth Hirsch returns with a new studio album, Love Is For Everyone L.I.F.E.


Her first solo album Early Days, was released in 2000, followed by Titles & Idols in 2001.  After a series of collaborations with artists including Pale 3, Jakatta, and D*Note, Hirsch released her third solo album Wholehearted in 2007.

New album, Love Is For Everyone LIFE
New album, Love Is For Everyone LIFE

Love Is For Everyone L.I.F.E, is a collaborative effort, one which sees all artists involved adding their own specific sounds to the original songs.

Quote from Beth Hirsch

It’s been great the way it has really evolved with all the people involved

The beauty of Love Is For Everyone [L.I.F.E] is its ability to let a whole new generation of listeners discover chill out and ambient pop music through a compelling body of work.

ALBUM Love is For Everyone L.I.F.E

The album includes 11 tracks.

Album Track List: 1. Allison Something, 2. I Still Believe In Love (Soul Version), 3. Path Of Magic, 4. Life Is Mine 2.0, 5. Down To You, 6. We Don’t Have A Lot Of Time, 7. All I Need (Elliot’s Cosmic Remix), 8. Protect You (Acoustic Version), 9. Northern Sky, 10. Peace, 11. Crying The Sun.

My favourite: All I Need (Elliot’s Cosmic Remix)


All I Need (ELIOT’s Cosmic Remix) – Lyric Video

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