Bif Naked shares new single, “Broke into Your Car”

Bif Naked is a multi-Gold and Platinum-selling Canadian rock star, author, songwriter, manager, producer, human and animal rights activist.  Her latest single “Broke into Your Car”. The song follows 2020’s release of “JIM.”  Both “Broke into Your Car” and “JIM” are a preview to Bif’s upcoming album, Champion. This is her eleventh studio release.


Bif Naked discusses “Broke into Your Car” from upcoming album Champion

This is a love song, even though it makes reference to a felony or mischief

Whoopsie! But yes, it really is a nod to the lengths a smitten person — in this case, moi — would go to to gain the attention and affection of their crush.

I love the imagery of sitting in the back of one’s love interest’s car, perhaps leaving Polaroid pictures (among other things) behind…

The height of romance!

Bif Naked discusses new album “Champion”

When writing new songs for CHAMPION, I always try to meet every song where it is, both in style and vibe.

‘I Broke Into Your Car Last Night’ is definitely a departure from the rock songs on the rest of the record, but love the chance to do lots of different things on each release, and CHAMPION is no different.

I’m still fighting.

I’m still swinging as a legacy artist… An O.G.

At this stage of the game, I am a CHAMPION.

I’ve never allowed myself to be limited, and the direction of this new album was from experimenting and being fearless. I’m excited by it, and fiercely proud of these tracks.

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