Black Creek Reign releases new single “Run Away”

The “Run Away” track features Black Creek Reign members Darren Armoogam and Lex Stultz. It also features Toronto-based crossover group, The Band Destiny, and Caribbean artist, Logun.


Darren Armoogam statement about new single “Run Away”

Reggae is a genre that’s been near and dear to our hearts since our inception. It’s energetic, vibrant, calming, and can even be political at the same time.

We’re all about creating within a very fluid genre-bending experience and are influenced by a variety of styles.

In all, this song is a rare blend of authentic Caribbean vibes that’s edgy and exotic — perfect for Summer!

Lex Stultz statement about new single “Run Away”

Our friends The Band Destiny and Logun really hit a home run with their parts. This song would not be the same without them.

The Band Destiny have been our friends for years now, and skillfully blend reggae, soca, chutney, and Bollywood-style music in a way that makes it no surprise they’ve won ‘Top Soca Band’ in Toronto three years in a row.

Logun has shared the stage with the likes of Wayne Wonder and Ludacris, to name a few, and brings his own unique, Island-rooted flair into the genres of hip hop, reggae, roasting, and soca. We’ve also known him for quite some time and saw this collaboration as the perfect opportunity to incorporate a vibe that only he can execute. Really, we couldn’t have done it without him, he crushed it.

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