Bobbo Byrnes releases new music video, “Queen of the Party”

Bobbo Byrnes is a singer, songwriter from Anaheim, California. “Queen of the Party” is the lead track and second single from Bobbo Byrnes’ fourth album, SeaGreenNumber5. His discography includes SeaGreenNumber5 (2020), The Red Wheelbarrow (2019), Two Sides To This Town (2018), and Motel Americana (2017).


Bobbo Byrnes discusses “Queen of the Party”

I called my friend Tawny Ellis and had her direct this video and reached out to a bunch of my female musician friends and got 17 of them to contribute videos to make this song and video even more special. 

I wrote this song with my buddy Morgan Keating and it features my wife Tracy Byrnes (The Fallen Stars) on bass and backing vocal, Jennifer Moraca (The Odd Birds) on backing vocals, Jeremy Long on pedal steel, Georgiana Hennessey on violin and Matt Froehlich on drums.

Bobbo Byrnes releases new music video, “Chasing Rock and Roll”

March 8, 2021 – Bobbo Byrnes releases music video “Chasing Rock and Roll.”

Bobbo Byrnes discusses new single “Chasing Rock and Roll”

2020 was weird for everyone. I found myself in the strange position of not looking forward to anything but looking back for comfort. All the way back to the late 90s when my band did a couple of tours in Canada. I ended up writing a love song to them and realizing how much that time together shaped who I was to become.

I remember playing at The El Macambo and Hotel Brunswick. Wandering into Don Cherry’s Sports Bar and watching a hockey game instead of going to soundcheck.

I remember hanging with band members from ’63 Monroe, Landslide, Bassbag and Osterberg. Staying at one of their houses where the only food in the fridge was Labatt’s 50s and a couple of ketchup packets. I remember cutting my arm open on my guitar strings. Finishing the set with someone else’s guitar and bleeding all over it. I remember it being one of my favourite places to tour. Falling in love with Canada and not wanting the tour to end.

I sifted through old boxes of photos and a VHS tape of us performing and made a video that is definitely a rose-coloured rear view of that time. You may not have known us but you knew someone that was just like us.

SeaGreenNumber5 by Bobbo Byrnes

  1. Queen Of The Party
  2. Favorite Photograph
  3. When We Ride
  4. Eveline
  5. December
  6. Every Sound That Crashes
  7. Geos Jig
  8. Sight Of Me
  9. 10,000 Miles
  10. Running Back To You
  11. Somewhere Else
  12. Chasing Rock & Roll

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