Bree Taylor releases new single “Kryptonite”

Bree Taylor is a country artist from Mississauga, ON. Her music career began at the age of six, Bree has been writing songs since she was a young girl and hit the recording studio when she was 16 years old. Her new single is “Kryptonite”.


Bree Taylor discusses new single “Kryptonite”

Ever feel like someone is SO good but SO bad for you? That they’re your ultimate weakness yet at the same time you can’t help yourself feel drawn to them and keep going back? Then this song is for YOU!

Writing this song was extremely therapeutic. I felt I really worked through my feelings in writing this song and writing it helped me channel my emotions into something creative on a topic that I feel so many people can relate to when it comes to dating and relationships.

Bree Taylor discusses new music video “Kryptonite”

Filming the music video was so different from any previous video I have filmed because I was on a green screen for 90% of it and I had no idea what my surroundings were so seeing the final result was mind blowing!

Not knowing how it would look in the end was definitely a new experience for me when filming the video. Usually we have sets or locations and we have an idea of how a certain scene will look in the end but this was like driving in the dark but I am SO impressed with how it turned out.

Other music by the Canadian singer-songwriter

Other singles by the musical artist include “Burning Bridges” (Donny Anderson/Murray Daigle) and Bree’s popular single “Cry”. Her debut EP “Unbreakable” released in 2019.

Bree Taylor discusses single “Cry”

I truly love this song because it sends the message that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. That showing your vulnerabilities isn’t a weakness – it’s a strength. Breaking down and crying sometimes is healthy and it is a human reaction that is normal.

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