cleopatrick announces Debut LP BUMMER

cleopatrick members include best friends Luke Gruntz and Ian Fraser. Today, they announce their debut LP Bummer.


June 4 – Luke Gruntz discusses new song “Victoria Park”

From the moment we wrote VICTORIA PARK we knew it would be the opening track on BUMMER. It’s the sonic mission statement for our debut album. It’s our thesis. Our first impression. It’s named after a real Victoria Park here in Cobourg, Ontario Canada. A place where Ian and I have both spent countless summer days and nights throughout our lives. It’s a green space that was named after Queen Victoria in an effort to impress the crown, during a time where this town was so young and prosperous that they truly believed they could be chosen as the capital of Canada.

Standing here today in what is now a sleepy rural retirement community, I feel a strange sense of tragedy lingering around this park. In my eyes, it is a monument to a long-lost ambition, and for that reason, it inspires me.

May 19 – Luke Gruntz discusses new single “2008”

It’s the most vulnerable cleopatrick song. Consequently, it’s the song that means the most to me out of anything I’ve ever written

May 11 – Luke Gruntz discusses new single ‘Family Van’

I wrote FAMILY VAN after a band ripped one of our songs off. I’m not really going to dive into that whole story because we are very much over that. They were bigger than us and we felt powerless. FAMILY VAN was born out of frustration. It’s an exercise in anger, and a conscious acknowledgement of the humble beginnings, independence, and DIY mentality that makes our band what we are.

We’ve spent the last 4 years touring the world in Ian’s beat-up high-school minivan, with a janky trailer strapped to the back, some childhood sleeping bags, and a handful of songs we wrote in my basement. This “family van” has been a vessel for our art, a symbol of our honesty, and a nod to all the young guitar bands that are trying to do something real. There’s always going to be phonies out there. There’s always going to be imposters, and fakers, and old dudes with bad intentions, but if you stay real — I promise it’s just a matter of time before they end up unmasked and unknown, somewhere in your rear-view mirror.

Family Van: The Game

They also made a video game Family Van: The Game.

Gruntz statement about the game

Growing up, Ian and I were always playing video games. I have countless memories of our childhood sleepovers spent drinking root beer, listening to music, and shredding through some newly rented title from the local Blockbuster. We loved these shared digital adventures, always grinding through “one more level” – until we realized our eyes were red and the sun was coming up. Those were some of the best nights.

After this whack-ass last year, we felt like both ourselves, and our friends could really use a little piece of that juvenile escapism we enjoyed so often in our youth. And so, we made ‘FAMILY VAN: THE GAME’. It’s an 8-bit adventure for all ages and it’s a dose of much-needed escapism.

March 11, 2021 – Luke Gruntz discusses new single + lyric video “The Drake”

This song is about a**holes from our hometown. It’s about never standing up for yourself and it’s about looking forward to the day you can leave people like them behind.

We were very anxious for this show as it was going to be one of our first performances where we would be in front of a crowd of people that had discovered us through the internet. We felt a lot of pressure, and intended to impress. However, shortly before we went up to play, things ended up taking a very unfortunate turn. As we nervously watched the crowd spill onto the venue floor from outside, a familiar group caught our eye… It was ‘the boys’…The kind of ‘the boys’ that had made us feel embarrassed about our love of music in high school. The kind of ‘the boys’ that we tried to escape through this band.

And there was one particular guy in the group that really put me out of my head. It was my high school bully. Apparently, him and his friends had heard about our bands moderate success and decided to come to the gig and buddy up now that our music was cool.

Bummer by cleopatrick

  1. Victoria Park
  2. The Drake
  3. Family Van
  4. Good Grief
  5. No Sweat
  6. Why July
  7. Ya
  8. Pepper’s Ghost
  9. 2008
  10. Great Lakes

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