Dali Van Gogh releases new music video “Past Crimes”

Canadian rockers Dali Van Gogh releases new music video “Past Crimes”. The group members include Rachelle Moreau (Keys), Johnny Moore (Drums), Lance Hicks (Bass), John Scotto (Vocals), and Isaac Kent (Guitar).


Other records include Verbal Warning, Mask Identity, Wild Blue City, From Ashes, and Under Her Spell.

DALI VAN GOGH’S members statements about new single Past Crimes


It feels really great to finally have it down on tape so to speak.


I really love the dynamic between my voice and Rachelle’s. How thematically we change the music to follow who is singing. At times I almost feel like I’m playing two characters in the song. One low and brooding in the verses, and then a pure response to Rachelle’s inner monologue during the choruses. It has that ‘beauty and the beast’ vibe. It’s my favourite ‘anti-love’ song we’ve ever done, and we’ve written more than a couple.”


I’m extremely excited to be taking on a bigger role within the band. I am grateful for the opportunity to show off more of my vocal chops alongside John.


Past Crimes came about very organically. The first draft of the song was written about the breakdown of a close relationship in my personal life. It wasn’t originally going to be a duet. However once it clicked to me that this could be taken as a love story of sorts, the lyrics came together very smoothly.”


When I listen to the song I can’t help but tap my foot along. Isaac came to me with the original groove.

October 26, 2020 – Dali Van Gogh release new single “Boneyard”. They discuss the new music video

We shot it at the abandoned radar base out in Beaverbank which was a location I had never visited before. The only downside was that the wind picked up during the scenes where we had barrels on fire and smoke was billowing into our faces. That and Isaac lost a camera drone in the woods that will now be lost forever.

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