DEAR-GOD premieres ‘Slamdance’ video

DEAR-GOD (Robert Ortiz) is a 20-year-old Hip-Hop and Hardcore Artist from Brampton, ON.

He draws comparisons that range from Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine to Show Me The Body and King Krule.

Today, he premieres the new music video “Slamdance” from 1-844-4DEAR-GOD. The director of the video is Rebeca Ortiz.

DEAR-GOD discusses ‘Slamdance’ single

my generation is facing increasing adversity in this world as we try to live and thrive in a wasteland of an earth. This song is about watching the world fall down economically, politically, morally, and environmentally. Any hope for a sustainable future for us has been lost.

DEAR-GOD discusses bonus track “Shut The F*ck Up And Just Die Already”

I’m getting real sick and tired of dealing with certain kinds of fools and wanted to let out my unfiltered feelings about it.


  1. New Kid On The Block
  2. Slamdance
  3. Buck
  4. Lovin’ It
  5. FMTTP
  6. Shut The F*ck Up And Just Die Already (BONUS)

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