Enter Shikari release re-worked track “Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here”

Enter Shikari is a British rock band.  Band members include Chris Batten, Rou Reynolds, Rob Rolfe and Rory Clewlow.  Today they released their new re-worked track “Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here” from “A Flash Flood Of Colour” album which will turn 10 years old in January 2022.


Rou Reynolds discusses re-worked track Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here (Live At Home)

We thought we should check whether we can still perform our songs properly. It was nice to revisit this old track. We recorded it in front of green screens in our respective front rooms.

 Chris Batten discusses T-shirt collaboration with St Albans City FC

The band also has announced a t-shirt collaboration with their local football team St Albans City FC.

From the beginning of our partnership with SACFC, the main focus was to strive to give back to the communities that gave us so much, and allowed us to grow. Enter Shikari has also always had a strong connection with Liverpool. It’s one of the many cities across the country we’ve been made to feel at home in. In a world where there is already far too much division, FSFoodbanks is an amazing example of “rivals” coming together in unity to benefit their people. With foodbank use rising by 74% over the past 5 years. We felt we wanted to do something to help raise a bit of money. We also wanted to shine a light on the hard work they do.

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