Frank Moyo discusses his new single “Bedside Love Song”

Frank Moyo is a Canadian-Italian singer, songwriter and guitarist. Previous singles include “OK Dolce”, “West End” and “House in L.A.“. A career highlight so far includes opening for Canadian icon Bif Naked.


Frank Moyo discusses his music

I want people to be able to imagine they are on a beach in Italy when listening to my music. But while one track might take you to the beach, another may take you into a car going 180 miles per hour.

Frank Moyo discusses his new single “Bedside Love Song” coming soon

His latest song is “Bedside Love Song”. It is a mellow track that blends acoustic soul and pop.

I’m a very romantic type of person, and I label myself as a hopeless romantic. This song came out from capturing a moment of love and happiness that I put into a song where I added narrative and a location and I wrote the “Bedside Love Song” based off of that.

It’s a tune easy on the ears that any listener can enjoy.

Release date

His brand new single “Bedside Love Song” will be available on June 25th 2021.

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