Gabriel Vargas new single “Heaven Coming Down”

Gabriel Vargas new single is “Heaven Coming Down”

Gabriel Vargas is a Melbourne, Australia based singer-songwriter. His country of birth is Brazil.  His previous release is single “Silent Waves”.  A few days ago, he released “Heaven Coming Down”.  The song was first released by Canadian band The Tea Party back in 1999.

Vargas was hesitant at first to cover a track written by someone he considers a mentor.

After hearing the track, The Tea Party’s lead singer, Jeff Martin gave his blessing.

Singer-Songwriter Gabriel Vargas releases new single “Heaven Coming Down”
Singer-Songwriter Gabriel Vargas releases new single “Heaven Coming Down”

Quote from Gabriel Vargas

My cover of ‘Heaven Coming Down’ was a beautiful accident.

During rehearsal, I was running through a chord progression that reminded me of the song and, next thing you know, I was singing the lyrics.

My long-time friend and songwriting collaborator, Jake Lowe, took the essence of what was created during that rehearsal and stripped the music back to a piano and strings arrangement.

I played Jeff, the finished recording in person and he was visibly moved; he loved it, giving me his blessing to release it.

It meant a great deal to receive Jeff’s blessing, as the original release of ‘Heaven Coming Down’ came along at an important time in my life.

I was at a fork in the road, having endured shoulder surgery for the second time, and wrestling with the idea of pursuing a career in music.

Specifically, the lyric ‘stay strong, keep faith, there’s a change that’s coming through’ gave me the strength and inspiration to commit myself to a life in music.

Last year was such a testing year for people on many fronts, so it was my intention to start the year with a release that inspires hope. I think the world could do with a little bit of faith and hope right now as we move to a new phase of being.

The Tea Party “Heaven Coming Down”

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