Hailey Whitters releases Living The Dream Deluxe Album

Hailey Whitters is a rising country artist. Today, the Iowa-born musical artist releases Living the Dream. It’s a deluxe edition of her critically-acclaimed breakthrough album THE DREAM. It features Brent Cobb, Jordan Davis, Hillary Lindsey, Little Big Town, Lori McKenna and Trisha Yearwood.


Hailey Whitters discusses “Living The Dream”

All of the artists featured on this project are responsible for me being able to hang up the apron strings and make music full-time.  The royalties from Little Big Town’s cut on ‘Happy People’ helped pay for part of THE DREAM, Brent Cobb and Jordan Davis were two of the first artists to take me on tour, Lori McKenna and Hillary Lindsey are my two songwriting idols and favourite co-creators, and Trisha Yearwood is one of the first artists that got me excited about moving to Nashville and pursuing Country music. I wanted to show fans full circle what ‘living the dream’ looks like for me – from where I started with ‘Ten Year Town’ to the bucket list moments that have resulted since I released my record, THE DREAM. I felt it was important to show them what can happen when you don’t give up on yourself.

Feb 12 2021 – Hailey Whitters Releases New Song “How Far Can It Go?” (feat. Trisha Yearwood) From Deluxe Album Living The Dream

Hailey Whitters releases new song “How Far Can It Go?” from the Deluxe Album Living The Dream. It features American singer, actress, author and television personality Trisha Yearwood.

Hailey Whitters discusses “How Far Can It Go?” (feat. Trisha Yearwood)

When I wrote this song with Nicolle Galyon and Hillary Lindsey, we were drawing inspiration from all of the ’90s female powerhouses I grew up listening to on Country radio. This song reminds me of something I would’ve been singing along to on the radio, driving my old truck back in high school. We all know that young couple back in our hometowns with ‘forever in their eyes,’ and the feeling of wondering if they’ll be able to make it work when they go off to college. Those story songs in Country music were relatable to me then (and now), and I hope there’s a generation of Country music fans that still find them just as relatable today.

January 29 2021 – Hailey Whitters announces “Glad To Be Here”

Hailey Whitters releases new song “Glad to Be Here” from the Deluxe Album Living The Dream. It features American country music singer-songwriter and artist Brent Cobb

Hailey Whitters discusses “Glad to Be Here” (feat. Brent Cobb)

I asked my pal Brent to sing on it with me. He went out on a limb by asking me to open for his SUCKER FOR A GOOD TIME TOUR in the fall of 2019, and he’s also my favourite country singer-songwriter of this generation, so it was a high honour to have him singin’ on this one with me.

January 15, 2021 – Hailey Whitters releases new single “The Ride”

Hailey Whitters releases new song “The Ride” from the Deluxe Album Living The Dream. It features American country pop singer and songwriter Jordan Davis.

Hailey Whitters discusses “The Ride” (feat. Jordan Davis)

Jordan Davis took me out on his very first headlining tour when I was only an independent artist. I thought that was a bold statement for him to make, and I am very appreciative of him taking a chance on me. He’s one of the key reasons I’ve been able to say I’m ‘living the dream,’ so when thinking about who to collaborate with on this project, he was a no-brainer. I just love his voice and everything he’s bringing to the country format.

January 4, 2021 – Hailey Whitters releases new single Fillin’ My Cup

Hailey Whitters releases new song “Fillin’ My Cup” from the Deluxe Album Living The Dream.
It features American country music group Little Big Town.

Hailey Whitters discusses new single “Fillin’ My Cup (Feat. Little Big Town)”

I wrote this song with Hillary Lindsey and Nicolle Galyon. I’d had the title ‘Fillin’ My Cup’ for a while, but then Nicolle had the brilliant idea to turn the lyric into a recipe. It’s a concoction of all of those little things in life that have a way of making my glass feel half-full. It’s been a hopeful reminder throughout the year and just felt like the right note to start 2021 on.

The Dream

  1. Ten Year Town
  2. The Days
  3. Red Wine & Blue
  4. Dream, Girl
  5. Loose Strings
  6. Heartland
  7. Janice at the Hotel Bar
  8. Happy People
  9. The Devil Always Made Me Think Twice
  10. All the Cool Girls
  11. The Faker
  12. Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Five new songs added to her breakout 2020 album The Dream

  1. Fillin’ My Cup (feat. Little Big Town)
  2. Glad To Be Here (feat. Brent Cobb)
  3. How To Break A Heart (feat. Lori McKenna & Hillary Lindsey)
  4. How Far Can It Go? (feat. Trisha Yearwood)
  5. The Ride (feat. Jordan Davis)

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