Halston Dare Pinnacle out on February 12

Halston Dare new release Pinnacle out on February 12

Houston, Texas singer-songwriter Halston Dare new song Pinnacle is out on February 12.  The emerging dance-pop artist kicked off 2021 with two-holiday releases in the Billboard Top 20.  Halston wrote Pinnacle with acclaimed songwriter Shane Stevens (Ariana Grande).  The production is directed by Jordan Sapp (Jason Derulo).

I had a chance to check it out today.  What a catchy song.  I listened to it a few times.  You will love it.

Halston’s previous single is Teach Em.

2x Billboard Charting Artist Halston Dare new release Pinnacle out on February 12
2x Billboard Charting Artist Halston Dare new release Pinnacle out on February 12

Statement from Halston about the new song

This pandemic has made it really hard to stay creative, positive and hopeful when it comes to releasing new music.  I needed to get back to writing and I had the idea of putting together one of the most incredible writers in this music industry and one of the most incredible producers in this industry in the same room. All three of us should definitely create something special.

I was so nervous because I had no idea what was going to happen that day, but I knew that an incredible song was going to come out of it. Throughout my entire journey of writing music, I’ve always leaned toward the negative emotions —- break-ups, depression, anxiety, etc. While Shane and I were brainstorming together, we thought, ‘why don’t we dig deep into the emotional, beautiful, positive, and physical sides of my relationships. My fans have never seen this side of me before.’

Pinnacle outweighs all the songs that I’ve put out. It’s emotionally deeper and bigger than anything I’ve ever created. Pinnacle dives into the physical and emotional feelings that you experience when you’re on cloud nine in a relationship and that spark just synergized to become something bigger.

In this session, Shane and I nailed expressing those feelings and taking those words on the paper and turning them into this song. Pinnacle will have you on the edge of your chair.  I can’t wait for everyone to hear this new, edgy, intense and explosive side of me.

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