Toronto alt-pop singer/songwriter Jadyn Lamb new single “Liar”

Liar is the latest single by Toronto alt-pop singer/songwriter Jadyn Lamb. It is her eighth single.  Lamb released her debut single, “A Day Off,” in 2018.  Other tracks include “Water”, “Quiet Zone”, “Long Way Home”, “Bad Sign”, and “Friends”.  Fascinated by music and writing as a child, she quickly fell in love with big stages and crowds.  Fun fact: Every summer she watched her father play guitar and sing songs with his band at a packed bar in Leaside.

jadyn lamb liar
Toronto Alt. Pop Singer/Songwriter Jadyn Lamb new single ‘Liar’ is available now

Quote from Jadyn Lamb

I come from a very musical family. My mother is a piano teacher, and she taught me how to play and read music. My father is in a band and works in instrument repair. Music runs in my blood! I started singing and writing at five years old, and I’ve never stopped.

Quote regarding “Liar”

I’ve played enough emotional games in relationships. If I feel like I’m being lied to, no matter who you are, I’ll call you out.

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